Thinking Of Moving To Camden? This Guide Will Help

Find out about key aspects of moving to Camden, including the local transport, education, housing and more.

Camden is an incredibly vibrant, lively part of London that draws a wide range of people. Young professionals, creatives, city workers – it’s an exciting area that many people would love to call home. If you’re considering moving to this popular borough, this guide will give you a really good overview of the various elements of the area, and how it might work for you as a new place to call home.

“In Camden, it’s just the atmosphere that gets me. It’s simple. It’s nice. It’s real. And it’s the people, too. I like to interact with them because they are normal and I am normal. People probably don’t expect an Arsenal player to come to Camden Lock and, basically, be a normal guy.” – Granit Xhaka

Property In Camden

The London Borough Of Camden includes NW1 and NW5 postcodes and sits in North London. Although it has been labelled as ‘edgy’ and less upmarket than other parts of London, it still fetches very high property prices, with the average house price sitting at around £1,266,000 and the average flat price sitting at around £679,000.

Within the area there is a huge mix of different property types to choose from, ranging from old council flats all the way to luxurious new build apartments like Belvard Point. Lots of period property is also available in Camden, including stunning large Victorian houses. That being said, a lot of the homes that come up for sale are flats and apartments, rather than houses, so if you do have your eye on something bigger you’ll need to be ready to make a move as and when something comes up. Residents of Camden are known for sticking it out in the borough for a long time, with many upgrading to larger homes from flats and apartments in the area, rather than moving elsewhere.

When it comes to pricing in the area, Albert Street and Arlington Road are very popular for those who want a large family home because of the tall, roomy period properties in that area. You’re also right near transport links there, which is ideal for commuting.

If you are interested in the most expensive spots, you’re looking at The Grove, Columbia’s Drive, Greenaway Gardens, Cambridge Gate and Chester Terrace.

Areas like Greenland Road, Cliff Road, Willingham Terrace, Hurdwick Place, Mortimer Crescent, Rondu Road and Woburn Place are more affordable overall.

Transport In Camden

In Camden there are great tube links because the borough is on both of the Northern Line branches. It’s incredibly speedy to get to Kings Cross on the tube, but you can walk from Camden to Kings Cross in about twenty minutes along the beautiful Regents Canal.

There are also Overground connections and excellent bus services in Camden, too, so you’re always within easy reach of the rest that London has to offer when you make this borough your base.

If you drive, you can get a parking permit from the council website depending on what is available in your area. Or if you’re into eco travel and like to cycle, Camden is home to a range of different cycle routes to get you into different areas of the capital with ease.

Self Storage In Camden

The self storage facilities in London can be found on the outskirts of the capital, but there are also lots of options in and around Camden. When you get so much from having an extra bit of secure space to use for storage, giving you full use of your rental or owned Camden property, it can be worth paying a little bit more to have one nearby. It can also be worth looking beyond the cheapest self storage facilities and instead focusing on good value London storage. Particularly if you are going to be storing sentimental items or very valuable items – it’s worth paying that little bit more to make sure the facility keeps your things safe.

Things To Do In Camden

Camden is an amazing place to spend time in, with many people choosing to visit to enjoy everything that it has to offer. As a resident, you have all of Camden’s incredible vibrance right on your doorstep. When it comes to shopping, there are so many amazing shops and stalls to enjoy, from antiques to cyber-punk stores, book shops and boutiques – it’s the perfect place for shoppers who love to meander around a variety of shops for an afternoon. Once you’re ready for a break, there are lots of amazing eateries and cafes across Camden. Think street food, vegan junk food cafes, earthy pubs with a creative menu – you won’t struggle to find somewhere unique and fun to have some food. Come the evening, Camden is incredibly vibrant and busy, with lots of pubs and clubs to enjoy, as well as nearby o2 Forum Kentish Town, which has phenomenal bands and acts playing year round.

If you’re more into green spaces and the outdoors, Camden provides easy access to lots of fresh air and time in nature. St Martins Gardens, Hampstead Heath and Regents Park are all nearby, giving you some much needed escape from the hustle and bustle of the city as and when you need it. You can also enjoy some great natural adventures on the Regents Canal by kayaking, or enjoying time on a Waterbus.

Education In Camden

Camden does have some great educational facilities of its own, including Camden School for Girls and Regents High School. It is also within easy reach of fantastic educational facilities across London and those further afield, so it makes a great base for families with children of all ages.

Are You Ready To Make A Move To Camden?

Living in Camden is a great idea if you want easy access to transport, nature, a strong sense of community, and some of the best shops and cafes in London. Why not have a trial move to get the ball rolling? Unless you’re already in close proximity to Camden, it’s certainly worth doing a trial move before doing anything permanent, just to make sure it’s the right choice for you. Hopefully, with the right research and preparation, Camden will be the perfect fit for you, giving you a warm and fun base to call home in this exciting next chapter of your life.