Things You Should Know Before Making The Switch To Solar

There are a number of things you should be prepared to expect once you’ve had a solar panel system professionally installed. While you are certain to reap the many rewards of switching to solar (such as cheaper energy bills and a reduced carbon footprint), you should also keep the following things in mind to ensure that your decision to go solar, isn’t one that you later go on to regret:

Solar systems must always be installed by professionals

No matter how big a fan of DIY you may be, it’s important to note that solar panels should never be installed by anyone who doesn’t know what they’re doing. With so much at stake should you attempt to install solar panels yourself, it simply isn’t worth trying to cut costs by doing the work yourself. Not only might you hurt yourself or damage the panels while doing so, but there’s a strong possibility that you won’t fully understand the optimum position they should be in for maximum energy output, and this could have a dramatic impact on just how much money you can save on your energy bills. 

Solar does require a significant investment upfront

Solar is a worthwhile investment, that’s for sure, but it is a big financial commitment for many, and one that requires careful thought and consideration. While having a solar system on your roof will likely increase the value of your home, and the system itself will pay for itself in a number of years, be sure to research your financing options meticulously if you can’t afford to pay for the installation upfront. 

Solar panels are not entirely maintenance free

While solar panels typically don’t require a great deal of maintenance, it’s still necessary to check their connections and wiring periodically and have them cleaned from time to time, to ensure maximum performance. Many find it easier to have their solar provider carry out these tasks for them, further reducing the burden on the system owner. 

A solar system will change the look of your home

Homes with solar systems installed on the roof tend to fetch higher prices than those without, but their presence will still have an overall impact on the visual appearance of your home, which you should be prepared for before signing up to make the switch. 

Permits and inspections are necessary

In a lot of cases, the solar installation process can take up to six months, and much of this time may be spent waiting for permits and approvals to take place. It’s important to keep this in mind when making the decision to switch to solar. 

For more detailed information about having a solar panel system installed at your home, talk to a local solar provider and if possible, to other homeowners who have made the switch.