Things you should know before going to apply for an Indian visa:

India cannot be avoided. Every year, millions of tourists are attracted by this vast country’s spectacular variety of festivals, customs, colors, and gastronomy. Nothing will prepare you for experiencing India’s beautiful culture. Still, if you’re considering a trip to India and have a list of places you want to visit, chances are you’ve read this Indian visa guide.

In this guide, we will focus on one topic at a time. To begin with, we will go over all the information required to apply for Indian visa and the prerequisites for entering India. Get ready for this India Visa guide that will take you there from the comfort of your home.

What are the types of Indian visas?

Physical visas and e-visas are available for traveling to India. Paper visas are designed for long journeys. It is the best option for those who love India so much that they have decided to live, work or study there. If you fall under this category, the Indian Embassy in your home country is the only place to obtain a paper visa.

Five different types of India e-Visa are available for people visiting India for the first, second, or fifth time. India is a place that deserves to be visited again and again. This article will focus on these eVisas and explain how to apply for an Indian visa quickly and easily.

What documents are needed to apply for the India e-Visa?

Regardless of the type of e-Visa you obtain, you must have a valid passport and a photograph with a white background.

  • For a Tourist e-Visa, you will need a valid passport and a photograph with a white background.
  • The Medical e-Visa requires a letter from the hospital providing the medical treatment. They must include your passport’s personal information in the letter to accept your visa.
  • An invitation letter from an organization based in India with your name on the letterhead and contact details will be required for a business visa. You can also upload a scan of your business card as an alternative.

What are the steps to follow to obtain an electronic visa for India?

Once you have all the required documents for your particular type of visa, you can apply with us in just some easy steps:

  • Completing our well-organized application form is just the first step in your process. You will need to fill in your personal information and travel information in their Disposable ELF BAR. Although it is normal for travelers to receive their visa within 24 hours, it often takes 4-5 days to process your visa.
  • Receive an email with your eVisa. Dealing with the embassy is useless!
  • Please show your passport and visa before entering India.

How can you check the status if you apply for an Indian visa?

Luckily, checking your Indian visa status is very easy, and we’ll show you how to do it in this Indian visa guide.

  • After submitting your application, you will receive an Application ID in your inbox. It is composed of 16 characters. Remember to record this number; you must know how your visa goes.
  • Go to the Government of India Visa website, enter the Application ID and passport number, and click on the box to verify that you are not a robot.
  • Once logged in, you can view your application and its current progress. Don’t give up if you see the process is not moving forward. This process can also become late.
  • Finally, we all agree that it is important to check your Indian visa status so that you can make the necessary plans. If your request is denied, you can reschedule your trip and focus on why.

What is the cost to apply for an Indian visa?

The cost of either visa will vary depending on the type you need. When applying for a travel visa to India, the Tourist e-Visa is free if you apply through the official website. However, if you choose a professional visa agency, their service fee will be included in the final cost. Depending on the company you choose, they can cost between $45 and $300. Benefits will include reviewing your application before processing it to ensure it is error-free and that customer service representatives can answer any questions. On the other hand, Business eVisa and Medical eVisa cost $82 if you apply directly through the government site. You must also pay a service fee if you hire a professional visa service.


India is a very good place to visit. You will learn about Indian culture and the beautiful country. The Application process for an Indian visa is not difficult to work. You can easily get a travel visa to India with the help of this article.