Things You Should Know About Boxing Gloves

Many of us are fond of sports like cricket, wrestling, football, hockey and yes boxing. Some of us get inspired by others, and some want to be a part of these sports. It is because of our growing passion and love for them.


If you are new to boxing, then we surely understand your curiosity to know and learn more and more about boxing. Today we have some of the answers to your questions that you were eagerly waiting to know. So without wasting any time further, let’s have a look at them.

What are the two types of boxing gloves?

They make the boxing gloves to protect you and your opponent. There are two types of boxing gloves we will talk about today so let’s have a look


  1. Bag gloves

The boxers usually use these bag gloves or training bags for hitting heavy bags, double end bags, and other boxing training aids. The manufacturers don’t make the bag gloves to beat any person.

So it protects you and not the thing you are trying to hit. You can use these gloves with wrapped, as well as unwrapped hands.


  1. Boxing gloves

They make the boxing gloves or sparring gloves for the time when you enter the ring. During training days, they give you gloves of 16oz to protect yourself and your opponent.

Still, during the competition days, you are provided with 10oz gloves. These gloves also come in various sizes, just like the training gloves and even in multiple styles.

How do boxing gloves work?


Okay, this might be interesting for you to understand how these boxing gloves work. The way they make the boxing gloves keeping one thing in mind, and that is the force of impact.


On an impact, a more massive and more significant boxing glove will absorb more of the force during deceleration. Therefore less power is transferred to your opponent from you, and less damage takes place. The gloves’ goal is to develop skills and techniques but not to knock your sparring partner down.

What size of boxing gloves should you buy?


The size of the boxing gloves you are purchasing for yourself should depend on the type of activity you’re going to do with it. For example, if you learn on your own, you should start with hand wraps and training gloves for a few weeks and months.


If you are buying sparring gloves, then go for 16oz gloves. If you are purchasing them for training, then choose 12oz gloves, 10oz are for amateur fights. And for professional matches, it is better to select the 8oz gloves.

Does the brand of the boxing glove matter?


To some people, the brand does not matter, whereas other people understand why it is essential to run after brands. For example, Lonsdale boxing gloves are one of the famous brands. The legendary Muhammad Ali also used its gloves.


There are a lot of boxing gloves that a lot of manufacturers make. There are many stores in boxing gloves in the UK online, from where you can purchase the right gloves for yourself without doubting the product’s quality. We suggest you go for a reputed brand while investing in something for yourself, especially when it comes to boxing gloves.



In conclusion, we hope the above information was helpful and has cleared some of the questions that you have been eagerly waiting to know.