Things You Should Know About Best Non-Electric Water Purifier

The adage “Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink,” proves the worth of every drop of clean water. Tap water, bottled water and water filters are few of the sources to get potable water. However, the credibility of tap water can‚Äôt be justified for some apparent reasons and bottled water is too expensive for everyday use, presenting the¬†best non electric water purifier¬†as the last resort.


No Compromise with Drinking Water Quality

Looking for a reasonable method for water purification? You are in luck. People living in secluded or off the grid areas, or areas with irregular electricity or water timings face a lot of inconveniences. Tap water remains laden with chlorine, inorganic and pharmaceutical contaminants which are hazardous for life. This leaves them with no possible way out but to compromise with their lives. However, times have changed; technological advancement and specific filtration media have lower down the burden of impurities from the water to make it crystal clear, potable and odourless. Cleaning water of possible chemical accumulation and excess debris require both technological efficiency and reliable filtration process. The best non electric water purifier is now designed in such a way to add ease to utility and to give potable water for drinking and other household uses.


Not Every Technology Is Fit For You-: Know the Right One


Pollutants like inorganic substances, medication residues, microorganisms, pesticides, other heavy metals are difficult to eliminate from the water. Besides, water from waterworks may accompany the different type of impurities based on the condition of pipelines. Know the water quality of your area and then decide on the technology you need to eliminate impurities, before deciding on which filter to shop. Activated carbon filters are trending these days for offering optimal filtration from pollutants. Besides, if you live in areas with irregular power supply, best water purifier without electricity would do the best.


Benefits of Non-Electric Water Purifiers 


Want to cut down on your utility bills without compromising on water quality? Non-electric water purifiers are the need of the hour. These faucet-mounted water filters can work round the clock if the storage tank is full. Most of these water filters work on Activated Carbon Filter Technology or Ultrafiltration Technology ensuring minimal or no water wastage. These filters can work in areas where the TDS value of water is low. Requiring a low maintenance requirement, these filters are easy to install and maintain and offers several key features making it fit for use. Ultrafiltration is best to treat contaminated water containing cysts, bacteria or other solid impurities. It prevents the transfer of impurities through micro-membrane of these UF purifiers and improves the quality of water to make it fit for use.


Get the Water Tested From Certified Labs


Do you sense a bad smell in the water? Be it well water users or tap water users, getting the quality of drinking water tested yearly is important. You can get it done from EPA certified labs for extended safety. Sift through best three or four water filter companies and get to know what features, services and prices they offer. Regardless of what type of water filter you prefer, make sure you go with Purifier Company with certification in India to get reliable services.