5 Things You Should Know About Apricots

Do you know that the apricot isn’t a fruit? Yes, scientifically an apricot is a tree that bears the fruit. It is a drupe just like Almonds or olives where the single seed is enclosed in a hard, stony shell. It has a smooth surface and appears in yellow or orange, often emit a sharp red on the side which is most exposed to the sun. The flesh of the fruit is usually firm and not very juicy with a sweet taste. If you are the one who is highly health-conscious and follows the nutritional diet but doesn’t know what diet to follow or hates the taste of nuts, then apricots are the best solution for you. Do you know that you can buy apricots online

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Facts that are to be known about Apricots

  • Apricot comes from the rose family. An apricot tree can produce fruits for a period of 20 to 25 years. 
  • Always leave them at room temperature, when refrigerated the ripening process of apricots is dampened dramatically. You can refrigerate them when they are ripe.
  • Oil which is extracted from the kernel of the fruit is widely used as a massage oil and also in cosmetics.
  • Today California leads in commercial production of apricots in America, about 95% are believed to be coming from California.
  • Turkey is considered to be the world’s biggest producer of apricots, second is Iran and third is Uzbekistan. 


Historical Facts about Apricots

  • Apricots have been a valued food for so long. They were also a major crop in ancient Persia. But some authorities insist their cultivation history begins in India long ago in 3000 BC others say that they began in China. 
  • According to history, Alexander the Great introduced apricots to Greece and General Lucullus brought them to Rome from Armenia. 
  • There is an Egyptian drink which is made from apricots known as Amar al-din. The drink is made out of apricots that are dried and are mixed with sweetener and are added to the dried fruits.
  • Americans didn’t even know about their existence until the 17th century. 

Apricot’s Nutritional Facts 

  • Dried fruit contains the same nutritional qualities as the original fresh fruit, the dried form contains more of the fiber, antioxidants, and minerals than the raw ones. These dried apricots include important levels of Vitamins A and C, fiber and minerals like iron, zinc, calcium, and manganese.
  • Vitamin A is very much essential for maintaining the structure of the skin and mucous membranes. Whereas Vitamin C an important antioxidant and cannot be stored in the body and we, therefore, need to eat it every day, which helps to protect cells and maintains connective tissues which are vital for the maintenance of the skin, and bones. It is therefore crucial for the healing process and helps in the absorption of iron into the body.
  • A cup of apricots provides fiber nearly about 3.3 grams and energy of 79 calories. The recommended portion is approximately four-and-a-half fruits which approximately weighs 30gms. 


Health Facts about Apricots

  • Apricots are considered to be a great source of fiber which most of us neglect in the diet. It helps in preventing heart disease, weight gain, diabetes, and also some cancers. It also helps to aid the digestive system and reduces the risk of bowel cancer.
  • They are also good sources of potassium which plays a crucial role in maintaining electrolyte balance in the body. If this balance is disturbed, heart muscles fail to work properly and this potassium also helps to maintain healthy bones
  • Potassium not only controls the balance of electrolytes in the body but also helps in the proper functioning of the heart and brain and also helps in controlling blood pressure.
  • Apricots are good sources of non-heme iron which is a type of iron that is good for anemic patients, who have low hemoglobin content in the blood.
  • Antioxidants that are available in apricots help in the prevention of cell damage which is caused by free radicals. These free radicals can cause cancer. According to research, apricot seeds can kill the growth of carcinogenic cells without any side effects.
  • Apricots are free of cholesterol, sodium and saturated fats.


Author: Farheen Qamar
Author Bio:  A writer by profession, Farheen is a true foodie. She loves to try out new cuisines & recipes every now & then. She makes sure she shares her food experiences with everyone through her blogs. In her pastime, if she is not experimenting in the kitchen, you can find her sitting with a coffee reading romantic and adventurous thrillers to her heart’s content.