Things You Need to Know Before Buying Initial Pendants

Generally speaking, the first thing we should know is if we are acquiring an initial pendant made with 100% real materials (if our intention is to have one of the highest quality possible), if the design is unique and original and if the jewelry used in its manufacture combines with the personality of its future wearer.

That is why today we have the help and guidance of true experts in the field, Albert Hern, a brand with high recognition in the field that has carved its name with effort and a lot of heart over the years and in which we can definitely trust.

So, let’s talk about the various things you must know before buying the initial pendants!

#1. Always Buy the Right Initial Pendants According to Occasion

First of all, you should always buy the right initial pendant depending upon the type of occasion. For example, suppose you give your friend the heart shape initial pendant with which you do not have a physical and sexual attachment. In that case, this delivers the wrong message to your friend, and your friend misunderstands your feelings, and this is not fair to play with the emotions of anyone. So always choose the suitable initial pendants.

#2. The Shape of Initial Pendants is Important

The second thing you need to know before purchasing a pendant in the shape of the initial pendants and its form depends upon the cutting of the diamond. It has many shapes according to the number of diamonds and the location at which these are present. Solitaire Initial Pendants have only one diamond in the center. Heart-shaped initial pendants have diamonds in the heart shape all over. Three stone’s initial pendants have one stone present mainly in the center, and other small stones are on all sides.

#3. Always Check the Quality of Initial Pendants

The third thing you must check is the quality of the initial pendants before buying them. First of all, you should see the cutting of a diamond because most of the pendant’s beauty comes from the correct cutting of the diamond. And second, you should always choose the diamond of rare colors, and the last most important thing is the carat weight; always select the diamond of lightweight carat because essential things are not good.

#4. Always Choose the Unique Design

You always choose the design according to the person you gift this initial pendant to and keep in mind that its design should be unique. For example, the initial pendants in which only one diamond is fixed in the center deliver all people’s attention towards this single diamond that looks so amazing in these initial pendants.

#5. Select the Initial Pendants Setting Wisely

If you want that diamond at the center to look visible, always choose a pendant setting wisely. In the bezel setting, metal covers the diamond from all sides, so the diamond’s chances from pendants are less. In a tension setting, the diamond is cut in a new unique design according to the choice of customers. In a prong setting, the diamond is cut so that maximum light falls on the diamonds in the pendant to enhance its brightness.


Above all things, you must know before buying the unique and original diamond initial pendants. Albert Hern company is the best one that provides unique diamond initial pendants of your desires.