Things You Need in Setting up Your Home Bar

Our homes, due to the pandemic and quarantine restrictions, might now be the safest place to drink and unwind. That being the case, this is the best time for you to build your very own home bar. Having a bar at home, whether big or small, is essential for every grown-up because this can add an exquisite element of design to your space and even if you don’t drink, it’s nice when you have something on hand to offer to your guests. 

Start small, do not put a lot of pressure on yourself just because you’re setting up your own home bar. Whether you’re just a beginner in making cocktails or you’ve been mixing drinks for years, put together a decent set-up that not only has all the essential bar tools, but also with liquor products and glassware that will inspire you to try and create drinks for your guests or loved ones.  

Are you ready to build your home bar?  Here’s how you can set it up and stock with the right things to achieve a perfect entertainment at home.


  1. Spirits

Having quality options in your home bar is definitely a must. Start your home bar with a good foundation consisting of a selection of spirits. Stocking up rum, brandy, cognac, tequila, gin or whiskey will provide you with a variety of drinks you can mix and personally enjoy.  

You don’t have to go crazy and buy these spirits all at once, you can focus and plan on creating one drink at a time so you can carefully purchase based on your preference. We recommend picking up some basic spirits that will help you to make the most popular cocktails and mixed drinks. If you practice on doing this, you will expand your stock properly and will not waste a lot of money with products you don’t really intend to drink.


  1. Sparkling wines

Aside from having enough booze and spirits in your home bar, it’s also essential to have other beverages on hand. Consider adding sparkling wine as a home bar component when hosting a party at home or just to unwind.


Sparkling wines are a bar must-haves to make cocktails like spritzes, mimosas, bellinis and so much more which only means a home bar without it is incomplete. It is also the go-to drink to toast with for planned or impromptu celebrations, casual hangouts or when you feel like taking a break. Each bottle you have in-store should be carefully selected to ensure satisfaction so make sure to buy from shops that offer wines that exhibit superior quality but also perfect for your budget. 


  1. Glassware and Bar tools

Purchasing bar tools and selecting glassware will most likely take up your time when building your home bar for a tasty cocktail isn’t that good without the perfect glass to pour and hold it in. For starters, it’s recommended to buy from suppliers where you can buy glassware and bar tools such as mixing glass, bar spoons, jiggers, shakers, and a strainer with better quality or those that are commercially-used than those expensive ones. 


  1. Ice

98 percent of the drinks you like or you will create, requires ice. This can be the most used and important ingredient in your home bar. For ice lovers, ice is not created the same and equal so it’s best to have a little knowledge about ice varieties and which is better to use in each drink you’ll mix up. 


Keep your drinks always cool and in style with ice formed from silicone block trays which can be bought online or at home stores nearby instead of using the good old freezer trays. Doing this will increase the flavor and presentation of your drinks, definitely a plus for entertainment score! 


  1. Garnishes and Mixers

If you’re looking to create your very own classic cocktails like Martini or Margarita, stocking up a supply of garnishes and mixers in your home bar is a good idea. A homemade concoction is more special by using fresh fruit, high quality cherries, lime, lemons or oranges. Have a few of each around the home bar as they can be used as both a garnish and a source of fresh juice. 


Alongside it, store a right amount of mixers, like bitters, milk or cream, coffee, tea, or carbonated types like tonic water, cola or soda in your fridge. This can totally save you some cash and will inspire you to experiment for other mixes since most mixers can be found and made at the comfort of your home. 


  1. Storage and placement

You’re not required to have a home bar that is always stocked for a big celebration, when you’re the host of a party, fill it with the things you only need or just the right amount for the number of guests you’re looking forward to and save some for storage. 


If you want your bar to stand out in your place, opt out for furniture cabinets of your liking or in line with the theme or idea in your mind. Your home bar will serve as a gathering point when you entertain, so if your space is not that big, you can buy cocktail cabinets or bar carts that take up very little space, but can hold enough alcohol bottles and glassware.


Also, consider good placement for your bar around your home like, spirits deteriorate over time, so keeping bottles away from direct sunlight and storing it in a room of stable temperature can slow the process and will not kill the flavors of your liquors. 


Key Takeaway

Mixing up or making drinks at home might be the safest and cheapest way to unwind, celebrate or impress someone. We all appreciate standing behind a bar surrounded by a group of people enjoying and laughing with drinks we love on hand. 

Setting up your own home bar doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavor. While all of these bar must-haves are important for making drinks, you really can’t do much without a good selection of booze, so choosing quality liquor products is surely enough to turn a simple home bar to a bonafide drinking den.