Things You Must Know About Head Guards

Before entering the ring, you must make sure that you are fully protected and secured. This is necessary because your opponent desires the same to make you lose as you do. For this purpose, he can hit you anywhere to knock you down. Let us talk about the head guards Рa prime accessory to be worn to stay protected.


Know the Fit

Head guards are specially designed to cover the head all around the circumference of it. This lets us know that everyone has to adjust with the standard size of a head guard as per different age groups. No matter if the boxer is small in height or he is lighter in weight, the only thing that matters is that in this case, he will have to wear a head guard larger than his required size. You do not have any options regarding weight adjustments or size concerns while buying a head guard.

But you can work a little smart in this case. To transform the larger head guard into your required size, all you need is a tailor’s tape. Now simply open the tape and take a measurement of your head by measuring the circumference of your head from about 1 inch above the eyebrows.

For taking an even better reading, you can take the measurement two to five times and then take out the mean of it. As you get the dimensions of your head, find the most appropriate head guard for yourself by simply going through the size chart of the head guard you are buying.

Size chart for head guards

Small size: 19 ¬Ĺ to 20 1/2 inches

Medium size: 20 to 22 inches

Large size: 22 1/2 to 23 inches

X-Large size: 23 ¬Ĺ to 24 inches


Features of the right head guard

The most appropriate head guards are those who provide you with a good ventilation system, the right visibility range, and unaffected protection. But all these features vary according to the purpose of the use of the head guard. This says that these features of the head guard are different for heavy training, light sparring, and competitive reasons.

‚󏬆 ¬†¬†For heavy training:

While practicing boxing or other sports-related to it, it is very necessary to learn how to take a few hits. This is important because it adds on to the endurance level of the player, improves the patience of the boxer, and elevates the confidence skills of the player. But there are some obstacles that can affect these skills by slowing down the learning process and discouraging them, ultimately leading to their loss of interest in the game.

 These obstacles include cuts, swelling, bruises, or any other sort of injuries. AQF Sports is at your side to protect you from facing any such mishaps that can lead to a decline in your performances. It provides you with boxing accessories that are very important to be used in order to gain better protection and safety, ultimately leading to enhanced performance levels of the user. You can buy head guards from here to keep your head safe and protected. But before buying a head guard, do keep one thing in mind that it must be well padded so that it is appropriate to be used in boxing and other boxing-related sports.

‚󏬆 ¬†¬†For light sparring:

While performing semi-contact sports, it is a must to keep notice of proper visibility and appropriate ventilation systems. So it is suggested to always look for a boxing head guard that fits these demands. For this purpose, you can get boxing head guards that are available with various adjustable closures features.

‚󏬆 ¬†¬†For competition

Different sports have different rules that are to be followed in order to get the best results out of it. Talking particularly about competitions, we can say that only a few practices demand from the player to wear a head guard. Also that the head guard chosen for the competition must not be heavy; rather, it should be light in weight.

The material used for the making of the head guard

Closed-cell foam head guard

This material is also known as EVA foam. This is quite a known and most used material for making head guards because it traps the air inside it permanently. Also, this material is used in making other accessories such as padded flooring, practice swords, and many more. Closed-cell foam is quite a great option to go with because it provides several benefits that are mentioned below.

‚óŹ It is water-resistant

‚óŹ This material is very lightweight

‚óŹ It can absorb shocks up to high levels

‚óŹ Closed-cell foam is long-lasting and durable

‚óŹ It is flexible and soft

‚óŹ EVA is dense

To Sum it up!

You must make sure that you buy the right head guard for the right reason. Also, keenly check the quality of the head guard before buying it and make sure that it is long-lasting and durable enough. This will save you from wasting your money over a useless thing. Just go ahead and buy your head guard as soon as possible.