Things You Can Learn As Christian From the Coronavirus

Coronavirus has disrupted lives in ways that we’d never thought imaginable. With the many challenges that we face on a global scale, it is easy to focus on the negative. Despite the overwhelming obstacles and not knowing when things will return to normal, there are lessons that we can draw from this madness as Christians. Here are some of the things we should take out of it.

The Closest People Are Your Family

It is easy to get carried away with work and forget that there is a family that depends on you for support. Putting food on the table is not enough when you have a family. When you live with someone under the same roof and seeing them at their best, it is one of the greatest feelings ever despite what could be happening. You develop compassion for others that could be going through a rough patch. This is something that you get to appreciate when others are going through difficult moments in their life.

Church Gatherings are undervalued

One would have assumed that the gathering in a church would be adversely affected because of the pandemic. It is not just about the spiritual nourishment but the community and sharing that is also missed. It has become hard to share the word of God with brethren. If you’re saved, it is probably the first time in your life that you’ve not been able to go for a weekly service. As much as there are useful resources like that found c4i, the feeling has never been the same. That is why some people have been advocating for the opening of churches. If that is to happen, safety should be the number of priority amidst all the chaos.

Prayer is Undervalued

There has never been a better time to start praying without seizing than now. There is nothing that is too great for God and this is just a passing season and we’ll harvest when things get better. The majority of Christians will pray for their immediate needs. Prayer has become a routine that it lacks purpose. This shouldn’t be the case. You first need to identify the reason why you’re praying in the first place. Real praying is rare and if there is one thing that pandemic has taught us is that we need to change the way we worship God. 

Time Has Only One Direction

You can only move in one direction and that is forward. That is why it doesn’t make sense dwelling in the past. If anything, we should forgive those that have wronged us and focus on making the most out of life. We need to make choices based on the moments that we have. Don’t be afraid to tell someone that you love them.

Tomorrow Is Not Guaranteed

We live by the grace of God. You could be having plans about what you intend to accomplish but God has seen it otherwise.  That is why it is important that you’re taking each day at a time. You don’t want to worry too much about what is happening around you. It is important to trust that God is in control. As much as life is short, there are so many ways that you can squander it. The only way to redemption is one and that is by accepting Christ as your personal savior. We should be constantly reminded that the ultimate goal is to inherit the kingdom of God and that is what we should be striving for in all our endeavors.

Uplift Others

You can never know what someone could be going through. You should reach out to your close friends and family and ask them how they’re coping during these trying times. Your voice could be the encouragement they need that everything is going to be ok. You can also contribute to a charitable course if God has blessed you with enough. There is always someone that needs assistance and you can be the light at their end of the tunnel.


The world all over has come to a stand-still because of COVID-19. Economies have collapsed and we’re looking at a crisis that does seem to be ending any time soon. Despite the trials and tribulations, God will always be there if you believe in him. There is nothing that He can’t fix. This should be an opportunity to come closer to Him and heed to his word.