Things You Can Do If You Have A Flat Tire

Travelling is one of the most rejuvenating and relaxing activity which most people around the globe prefer to do via public or personal vehicle. When you are planning to travel by your vehicle, you not only need to consider your vehicle’s condition, but also prepare for the emergency situations such as flat tire.


A flat tire is the most common issue reported at emergency road assistance services. You may find yourself in different situations. Sometimes it happens in the garage before you get into the car. In this case, you can take a cab ride until your car is fixed. However, there is another where it is difficult to walk away – flat tire while on the road. When you hear the bursting sound tire in the middle of the journey, calling an emergency roadside assistance flat tire service is the best practice. As soon as you realize a flat tire, here are the things you can do for ensuring your safety.


Pull over


When you are playing good music while driving, you don’t want to be bothered by other motorists until you hear the thud sound beneath the vehicle floor. You may not know what exactly is happening out there before getting out of the car. You will need to move away from the road and park the car. If the car has a flat tire, you will feel it when pulling your steering wheel.


Examine the tire


It is normal to get freaked out when you have a flat tire while miles away from the destination. However, you need to stay calm so that you can make up plans to get away from the spot. After you suspect a flat tire, take a deep breath and walk out of the car. Look at the tire and check the affected area. If you find any sharp object, you can try to pull it out. You can safely drive to an auto repair shop if the condition is not so bad. Otherwise, call your roadside assistance without any delay.


Replace with a spare tire


Most vehicles, including heavy trucks to scooters, have spare tires in their kit box. If you have one, take it out and bring it near to the flat tire. Since a tire is round like a wheel, you can roll it instead of carrying on the shoulder. When it comes to replacing a tire, you should have some knowledge about using mechanical tools. If you are not familiar with tools, hand over the job to your roadside assistance. Such a company has tow trucks with hooks, wheel-lifts, and other tools that can tow any car or motorcycle to a safe place.


Although reaching a destination in time is important, you must not continue driving with a flat tire. Contact the best emergency flat tire assistance in your area and you can reach your destination safely.