Things which you should never do while running SMS marketing campaigns

With the passage of time and the advent of technology, the methods of marketing in the business world have changed a lot. Now social media and other online resources are used for conducting the marketing campaigns for business enterprises. However, despite being much older than these modern marketing channels, SMS marketing is still being used by many organizations that are able to recognize the potential of this amazing tool of marketing. SMS messaging service is used by these business organizations to communicate with consumers, to inform them about the upcoming events or sale, to offer them special discount offers, and for many other things. However, marketing experts sometimes commit many mistakes while conducting SMS marketing campaigns. This is the reason why in this article, we are going to discuss all those mistakes which you should avoid committing while running such campaigns. So without any further delay, let’s get started.

  • Never ever include a long URL in your post or SMS: Inserting links in the SMS messages is also a common thing during the marketing campaigns in order to make it convenient for the customer to access the website or the desired webpage. If you are also going to insert such a URL in your message or in your post, then remember to shorten it before using it. If you insert a very long URL in your messages or post, then the receiver could assume it as spam. It also appears unprofessional to insert very long URLs. Usually, the bulk sms provider in Mumbai offers some tools which offer many features, and shortening the URLs is one of those features.
  • Never text your customers at the wrong time: SMS marketing is a marketing tool that helps in communicating with the customers in real-time. According to a study, almost all the messages are read within a time span of 5 or 6 minutes after receiving them. Thus, you should be sending messages to your potential customers when there are more chances of them reading it. For example, if you have to send a message informing the customers about the sale that is going to be held next day in the morning, then sending the message regarding it one day before at night is not suggested as customers should be informed about such events at least 2-3 days in advance. This gives them some time to plan their schedule accordingly for the coming days so that they can take some time out of it to buy their favourite product or service.
  • Avoid the one-sided conversation: It is never suggested to have a one-sided conversation, no matter what the situation is. It is just like having a conversation with yourself, where you are both, the sender and receiver of the message. Thus, it is suggested to frame such kinds of messages through which the receivers feel encouraged to respond. For ensuring this, you can send them some surveys to participate or you can tell them to text back with a specific key to avail a special offer.

These were some of the mistakes which you should try to avoid while running a SMS marketing campaign through a bulk sms service in Mumbai. If you follow the above-mentioned points, then the chances of your campaigns will increase exponentially.