Things to teach your kids to ensure cybersecurity during online learning

Is your kid playing online games, or is his school have arranged some online classes online? Then being the responsible parent, you should educate your kid about cybersecurity and its effect on his life. It is imperative for the security of your family.

The question is how a young child can learn about cybersecurity and how that can help the whole family protect themselves from scams and other such activities. The only solution is to make him listen or read some interesting stories and tell many useful things related to the use of the internet and cybersecurity, just like they learn in the Lido classes . Not only this, but here are a few practical tips that can also help a lot. 

  • Ask your child to share the content he thinks will help him. 
  • Contact the educational institutes before handing over the online games. 
  • Before engaging with any platform, ask the developers to claim the legal cover.
  • You must contact a web developer or a game designer to check the game or platform in case of suspicion.
  • Tell your child to ask before tapping over the new options; otherwise, your child may get into serious trouble.
  • Advise them not to share their videos, pictures, or documents without informing you.  



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