Things to See in Los Angelas

The warm climate, blue sky, bright sunshine… Los Angeles, the city of angels, has a pleasant living environment that attracts many foreign people to settle down. In addition to adding multicultural foreign immigrants to the city, the local laissez-faire atmosphere also allows many talented dreamers and “geeks” to settle here, and finally creates a city full of character. Let‘s check the things to see in Los Angelas together.

Los Angeles is rich in all aspects, especially buildings. In this metropolis with an urban area of more than 1300 square kilometers, the same buildings are rarely seen! From the glittering curved surface of the Walt Disney Concert Hall to the Hollyhock House designed by Wright to show the California modernism, it is a representative building that is interesting to talk about. However, this city also has many strange hidden destinations, which will surprise you!

Watts Towers

Watts is a Hispanic and African American community located in the south of Los Angeles. Many people may never know its existence. However, there are a series of local sculpture buildings that attract attention: Watts Tower often appears in films and film collections with Los Angeles as the background. In the 2016 American romantic song and dance film La La Land, the scene of the protagonist visiting the tower was filmed with montage.

The Watts Tower is a work of art composed of 17 interconnected sculpture towers, architectural structures, independent carving elements and mosaic inlays. It was built by Simon Rodia, an Italian immigrant construction worker and bricklayer, from 1921 to 1954 and lasted 33 years. As far as I can see, the design and construction of the whole site are all completed by him alone. The highest tower is even 30.3 meters high!

In order to find materials, Rodaya often walked nearly 32 kilometers along the Pacific Electric Railway between Watts and Wilmington. Of course, sometimes the children in the neighborhood will bring him all kinds of scrap. This monument is the building he pays tribute to his second hometown. He named it “Nuesto Pueblo”.

Wasta was burned down in 1956, and the Los Angeles government once ordered it to be completely destroyed. Fortunately, it was saved by many artists, filmmakers and architects, and was designated as the national historical landmark of the United States in 1990.

Culver City’s Hayden Tract

Things to See in Los Angelas

The city of Carver, built by Harry Culver in 1917, was originally a sunset town only for white people. In its heyday, the city center once had one of the earliest shopping centers in Southern California. Since the 1920s, film and television studios have gathered, including the famous MGM, and Hughes Aircraft is also setting up its headquarters here.

These building names are very interesting: honeycomb, umbrella, waffles… In the next few decades, Haiden District is full of surrealistic and sci-fi buildings, attracting many well-known businesses, including Nike, Beats by Dre, as well as digital media, advertising, construction companies and other creative studios. Samitaur Tower is a landmark in Haiden District. It is not only used as an observation tower, but also a space for projecting important cultural symbols to passers-by. Don’t miss it.

Murphy Ranch

Things to See in Los Angelas

On the west side of Los Angeles, on the bank of Rustic Creek in Santa Monica Mountains, there is a residential area called Rustic Canyon, which is between the main area of Pacific Palisades, the Brandwood Street area of Los Angeles, and the Santa Monica Canyon block of Santa Monica. Because of the canyon terrain and narrow streets, it gives a sense of isolation.

Now it seems that the crumbling Murphy Farm is hiding in the woods of the country canyon. Built by Winona and Norman Stephens in 1930, the founders of the farm opposed Semitism and were supporters of the Silver Legion of America, a white supremacy. The farm was as a base for Nazi activities in the United States!

Things to See in Los Angelas

The bright colors and doomsday atmosphere, although in ruins, Murphy Farm is a paradise in the eyes of adventurers. A holy place for playing cards in the hearts of netizens. And a creative garden for graffiti artists to play inspiration, which also attracts many tourists to explore.

Wayfarers Chapel-Things to See in Los Angelas

The next building to be introduced is also one of the must-visit sites for online celebrities! Rancho Palos Verdes, located in Los Angeles County, the Palos Verdes Mountains and the cliff above the Palos Verdes Peninsula, is a suburb of Los Angeles where rich people live. It is famous for its vast open space and spectacular Pacific landscape.

Things to See in Los Angelas

Because of its beautiful scenery, this church is very popular and has appeared in American film albums and films for many times.

The Broad Museum Things to See in Los Angelas

Things to See in Los Angelas

Eli Broad, born in the Bronx, New York City, is an American billionaire, philanthropist and collector. He and his wife, Edith Broad, and the Broad Art Foundation have considered setting up museums to collect art in different places since 2008. In August 2010, Eli announced that he would build a museum in downtown Los Angeles. Diller Scofidio+Renfro, a well-known construction company from New York, stood out from the six architects who participated in the competition.

Such a design can not only filter the natural light, let the exhibition hall bathe in the carefully controlled light, have excellent lighting, but also let passers-by have a glimpse of the indoor scenery. The vault is the concrete main body that forms the core of the building. It contains the exhibition space, office, storage room and laboratory. The interior of the museum is with three floors, with an exhibition space of 4600 square meters. There is no reception counter in the hall, but the service is provided by mobile devices.

Things to See in Los Angelas

The architectural structure is striking, and the collection of the Broad Museum is also impressive. 2000 pieces of contemporary art after the 1950s are from the works of 200 artists. Including the works of Roy Lichtenstein, who imitates popular comic strips with cartoon characters as the main characters. Andy Warhol, the founder of popular art. And Jeff Koons, who made a name for “balloon animals”. Among them,Koon’s representative works “Balloon Dog“, “Tulip” and “Rabbit” are listed.