Things to Look When Buying a Flat in Mumbai

Mumbai is often termed as the city of dreams and rightly so! A huge number of people move to Mumbai with the dreams of owning a home in this financial capital of India and having a respectable job. For the former, people now have plenty of options in the form of newly constructed residential projects. Thus, it’s not a hard job now to find 2 and 3 bhk flats, depending on one’s requirements and budget bracket. Having said this, there are still some factors that one has to look for when buying a flat in Mumbai. Have a look at some of them:


Needless to say, this is the first thing you need to finalize when buying a flat. Look for the facilities available there before making the final call. The neighborhood should be safe and secure. If you want to move in with the family, make sure it’s family-friendly. It should have renowned educational institutes, medical care centers, shopping malls, and other recreational centers. Moreover, other parts of the city should be easily accessible from the selected neighborhood. Otherwise, you will face difficulties in commuting to your workplace.

Your budget will play a major role in the selection of the neighborhood. So, make the decision accordingly. If your budget permits, look for a posh neighborhood in South Mumbai (SoBo) as this region is less crowded. The traffic situation here is also better as compared to the rest of Mumbai. Furthermore, people here enjoy a luxurious lifestyle.

There are also some neighborhoods in SoBo that offer all the latest amenities and features that too at affordable rates. This is due to the increase in the number of new residential projects. For example, you can easily find a flat for sale in Byculla, a promising neighborhood in SoBo, that offers a high-quality lifestyle. The rates here are economical, which is another reason why you should consider this neighborhood. Apart from Byculla, there are various other options in South Mumbai for those who are looking to buy a flat.

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Project Builder

It is important to do some information on the project builder before finalizing a residential project to buy a flat in. Dig some information about them using the internet. Use it to know about their reputation and their previous work. Only finalize the deal once you are fully satisfied.

In case there is a middleman (agent) involved, don’t sign any contract without going through it completely. Never make a mistake of making a hasty decision no matter how lucrative the offer is. It can be a scam or a fraud that can cost you all your savings. As they say, it’s better safe than sorry, so get as much information as you can related to the builder and agent.

Particularly, if it is an under-construction property, following these practices hold crucial importance.

The Selection of Floor

This is another important factor that you must pay attention to. Some people prefer flats on higher floors while for others, a lower floor is a better choice. It’s not only a matter of personal preferences. There are so many other factors that come into play. For example, flats on lower floors have enhanced privacy and safety concerns as they can be accessed rather easily.

Other than that, the number of lifts and the condition of the staircase play a vital role as well. You wouldn’t want to walk 10 floors if the sole lift in the building is out of order. So, make sure there are at least two lifts and the condition of the staircase is satisfactory.

Light and ventilation, vantage point, fire safety, etc. are some other factors that you should consider when selecting the floor.

Safety & Security

Two things that you must not compromise on when getting a flat in Mumbai are safety and security protocols. Whether you want to live alone or with your family, living a safe and secure place ensures enhanced satisfaction and peace of mind. Thus, it is important to make sure the area and the residential project you have selected have security and safety measures taken care of. Ensure, there is CCTV installed on each floor and the property is guarded 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by professional security guards.

A Final Word

It’s a big decision to buy your own home in Mumbai. As your whole life’s savings are at stake, it is a wise idea to plan the complete process. A decision taken in a haste can lead to long-lasting problems. So, take your time in buying a flat that meets your needs and provide you with complete value for money.