Things To Look for In a Granulator

Whenever you invest in a granulator, some factors make it better than the rest. Today we will discuss some of the most critical factors that make a granulator a better purchase. Not only that, not every option you come across in the market is promising; hence, having a radar is crucial. So, have a look at some top parameters that make your granulator choice a better and more sustainable option. 

Factors That You Should Look Forward in A Granulator:

Some of the critical factors that you cannot choose to overlook while selecting a granulator are mentioned below:

1. Stability: 

The first and crucial factor you need to look forward to is the stability of the granulator. If that is up to the mark, then the investment that you will make is also quite promising. It is better to choose the ones for which you use cast iron; for example, if you choose us at The Lundberg Tech, we pay special attention to stability and hence use the same material, which makes the granulator a good choice. 

2. Cleaning: 

When it comes to a granulator, a widespread doubt that we have seen from many users has been how to clean the same. It is because the granulators can be a little tricky to clean, and if you do not do the same correctly, it can lead to an accumulation of stock inside the housing. To avoid that, try to find options which are self-cleaning and consequently, you do not have to wonder about the domain of cleaning anymore. Not only that, but self-cleaning is also time efficient, and hence it ends up saving a lot of your resources too. 

3. Quality of the Bearings: 

Finally, the last and yet essential facet you must focus on is the bearing quality. Why is that important? As many of you would know, a bearing constitutes the central mechanism of the granulator. If that does not work out properly, your granulator machine will crumble easily. Try to make sure that you choose options where the bearing is stable, or it tends to come with some guarantee. 

Where Can You Get Granulators That Suffice All the Requirements?

It is common to ask that when it comes to choosing a granulator, and with so many points, which is the option you should choose? At this juncture, we advise you to get in touch with us at Lundberg Tech, and we will make sure that the granulators are indeed one of a kind. What do we offer more?

We have enabled our granulator with the help of The Lundberg Tech Scissor principle, ensuring that the granulator cuts through just like a scissor. How is it beneficial? It makes your granulator much more efficient and precise. Not only that, you will be able to add silicon oil to the rotor, which makes it more sustainable. 


Granulators are essential and more precise if you have significant volume needs. Feel free to connect with us at Lundberg Tech; we will get you the best granulators at a highly affordable price range.