Things to Know While Taking HIV Home Test

HIV home testing kits are available in most of the countries now. The home test kits give you the convenience to test yourselves at home anytime. It also maintains full privacy as many people are not comfortable getting an HIV Test.

The taboo associated with HIV and worry about the positive test results are the greatest barriers in taking an HIV Test. So to maintain privacy, HIV Home Test Kits are an attractive option. Let us have a look at a few questions that arise in people’s minds while taking a home test and answer them too.

What is the HIV Home Test?

The test that you take at home to detect HIV is a home test. It is of two types

  • HIV Postal Test: In this type of HIV test you take the sample of your blood and send it to the laboratory for testing. The results of the test are provided by the health care professional through a phone call.
  • HIV Self Testing: In this type of testing, you take your sample yourself and get the results in just 15 minutes. You can determine the results of the test through the testing kit.

What Is In The HIV Test?

In the HIV Home testing kit, you are provided with certain contents. Use a lancet to prick your chosen finger and collect the blood in the tube. You can either send the blood for postal testing or use the testing strip to get the results at home. Read the guidelines written on the kit properly.

Reliability of HIV Home – Test

Licensed HIV home test kits are very reliable. They rarely produce contradicting results. In case you get a positive result in-home test, contact your health care provider as soon as possible to confirm it. In the postal test, you will be informed by the lab authorities immediately in case your results come positive. Always remember that it takes three months for HIV (Human Immune Virus) to show up in a test.

Which Finger Is Best for the Test?

Middle fingers are best to take HIV Home Test. While taking the test it is also possible that you take blood from more than one finger.

Is the Test Painful?

No, the test is not as painful as it sounds. Most of the homes testing kits have a lancet. Put lancet on the tip of the finger and press it to prick the skin. It is not painful at all.

How to Take the Blood Sample?

Massage on the side of the finger to form the blood drops and collect it in the tube. Remember is the area around the finger is moist; moisture will not let the blood drops form. So keeps the area dry using a tissue.

How Much Blood Is Needed?

The amount of blood required varies according to different kits. Most of the kits require 8 drops of blood to take the test.

What Is the Duration of The Home Test?

Home tests are very easy if you follow the instructions carefully. The whole procedure requires at least 15 minutes for completing. If you take a postal test, post your sample as soon as possible.

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