Things to Know for Admission to Best Boarding School in India for Girls

It’s the right school education that matters most in the early teenage life of any child. Hence, locating a good school, either a day or a boarding school has always remained a factor of great concern to the parents. Moreover, most of the parents bother about the safety and security concerns of their girl child. So it gets tough to make decisions, especially when it comes to choosing the right boarding school for girls. Thus, there are certain factors that the parents must consider to make informed decisions. And in case the parents are looking for the residential type of school for their girl child, then they must put their attention on a few things to know for admission to best boarding school in India for girls. Things and factors like the type of school, format of education, location, and special attention for the competitive entrance exams post senior secondary education etc.

Firstly starting with the location factor, some great locations in India has been known for some best boarding schools. And in a few decades, one of the major educational hubs of India, the Kota city of Rajasthan has evolved as a boarding school destination. Thus the city boasts some of the best boarding schools for boys and girls like Career Point Gurukul and others, which offer an international standard of education. Not only to the Indian students of different states but other foreign countries as well, like Singapore, Doha, Dubai, Qatar, Kuwait, Muscat, and the children of NRI citizens of U.S and U.K etc.

These best boarding schools in India lay emphasis on the all-round development and overall growth of the students. Also, they deliver an international standard of education and provide the best security and protection, with round the clock care.

Factors to consider while finding the right boarding school for girls

The best boarding school in India for girls generally offers world-class education combined with the best facilities and maximum security to its girl students. They provide the best security and safety round the clock and do random checks on the girl students to avoid them from getting involved in any offensive activities.

Apart from all this, there are certain things to know for admission to the best boarding school in India for girls. For which you should compare and contrast different schools based on certain factors, some of which are mentioned below.

Lifestyle, care and the facilities

The students of the boarding schools get all the facilities and other required resources in the campus itself. However, if the students happen to move out for any purpose the administration keep track of the movement and restricts if found unnecessary. Additionally, the management of these boarding schools for girls, keep an eye on the “in and out movement” of staff and other school members, along with other students and the family members in the hostel campus of the girls.

The lifestyle provided in the school campus is another important concern that should be considered while choosing the residential schools for girls. Thus the parents should look for the agreeable living conditions to the girls alongside the safety concerns.

Information of the faculty members 

The residential school for the girls may have all different types of modern facilities on the campus for the students. However, it’s the faculty members that will impart the knowledge and help your girl child inculcate skills, etiquettes and values.

So you should check that whether the teacher lays down stress on academic learning along with taking care of the emotional and psychological well-being of your girl children or not. Additionally, make sure that your child will be safe in the school environment by looking into the records of the school. For which you can check that if any incident of violence or any abuse against students were reported or not.

Admissions to the best boarding school 

Having complete information about the admission process is important, in case if you heading for the best boarding school for girls in India. Since there are varied procedures for admissions to these schools, as they follow fixed norms like the fixed number of student intake capacity, and a certain period of the session to give admissions.

Thus, it happens sometimes that the parents remain occupied in filtering the best boarding schools and the admission period gets over.

So after choosing the right residential school for your girl child, look forward to the admission process. Register your girl child by submitting the application form of the school that you have selected. Most of the residential schools for girls grant admissions based on entrance tests followed by interviews and strictly based on their merits. Therefore help your girl child in preparing those entrance tests and the interview round. Additionally, keeping the past performance reports and other certifications of extracurricular activities like sports, music etc. will certainly help.