Things to know before you opt for Arts Education in Zambia!

Arts Education in Zambia

Despite being declared as a lower middle-income country recently, Zambia still remains at the top for having the highest rate of unemployed citizens all over the world. Their extreme rural poverty is also one of the major significant problems for the society. Are you one of those who dreamt of making a difference in your country by educating people and doing value addition by any means possible? Do you think about  eradicating your  country’s problems in terms of economy, sociology, gender equality, governance, unemployment, population, and spatial planning, then nothing can be more apt than pursuing Bachelors of Arts Education in Development Studies in Zambia. Education is the one of the quickest way to be there and make a difference.

What exactly the Arts education in development studies all about?

It’s a great amalgamation of social science disciplines for anyone genuinely interested in contributing to the social sector, through research, fieldwork, work in government agencies, NGO’s and not-for-profit institutions. Bachelor of arts in development studies being one of the most interesting subjects in social sciences deals with various components of society to analyze different aspects of development. The arts education prepares the students to build their critical thinking ability on complex and multidimensional issues affecting human society across country. Zambia has seen a huge improvement in terms of various fields. Hence the labour market in Zambia these days also have started appreciating the expertise possessed by the graduates who are now bringing changes in the social development of the country. And one such University in Zambia that has been a constant support for the students in carrying out this program successfully is “The Cavendish University of Zambia”since 2004. Yes, CUZ is amongst the top private universities in Zambia to bring you an opportunity to explore in the field of development progress through the course of “Bachelors of arts in development studies”.

Why choose the Cavendish University for arts education in Zambia?

This university has their own mission and vision to follow in terms of education that is transforming students into responsible, educated, employable and entrepreneurial citizens .The way this university trains the students is unique and innovative. They are extremely student-centric and train the students through innovative and practical learnings. CUZ also supports blended learning, flipped classrooms, projects, case studies, distance learning, and other forms of effective collaborative and active learning. CUZ is also known for offering programs like the School of Medicine, School of Law, School of Business and Information Technology (B.I.T), and School of Arts, Education and Social Sciences .

Arts education in the University of Zambia, school of Education!

This is a 4-year programme that focuses on the social, economic and political processes linked to development progress. The CUZ enables the students to prepare for much deeper insights to examine local and global preconditions and processes in development. It also helps the students to excel in critical social science to prepare them for postgraduate studies and several professions within private firms, government agencies, and NGOs.

Objectives of the program In CUZ!

The Bachelor of arts in development studies program has been designed to:

  1. Develop the academic skills and attitudes necessary to evaluate the concepts of social and economic development
  2. Assist students to solve various problems in the society by means of practical approaches using innovative solutions.
  3. Develop the ability to review, consolidate, extend, and apply the techniques to real situations.

Future career prospects:

The course covers components of Social Sciences, History, Political Science, etc. Such graduates are hired in fields such as

  • Business Consultant
  • Community Development worker
  • Development Officer
  • Diplomat
  • Economic Development Advisor/Officer
  • Economic Policy Analyst

CUZ is not just the traditional brick and mortar kind of college and is not even restricted to one country. Besides having well-equipped, high tech facilities and world-class lecturers, it is known for offering online classes and distance learning courses to the students abroad. The university believes online learning is a much greener option as students can get all the information easily from the online database as per their need. Some online activities like live discussion documents, training materials and emails help to keep the students much equipped with proper knowledge about the development of the society. CUZ also cares for students and their valuable times especially in the days when they carry out research for a project and submit their findings to a panel. The Zambia school of education and its distance learning has helped many students to develop their problem-solving and communication skills and chase their dreams in different fields to bring a huge progress to the society. So, do not just dream, 

click here and apply today to chase your dreams in developing the country !