Things to Know Before Repairing Your Screen Door or Pool Screen

Screen doors are subjected to a great deal of use—and abuse. They need a little TLC from youngsters leaning on them to dogs hanging from them and people stumbling into them—not to mention sliding them back and forth continuously.

It’s good news for you: simple repairs aren’t difficult to perform on your own.

When you open your screen door, does it feel like you’re dragging it through a gravel pit, or does it not close completely?

It’s unlikely that you’ll need to replace the entire door. Simply replace the wheels on your patio door and give it a quick tune-up. Here’s how to do it.

Supplies Needed for Screen Door Repair

  • Spline (2 bags)
  • Roller Tool
  • Scissors
  • Mesh Screening
  • Screwdriver
  • Utility Knife

Step By Step Guide for Screen Door Repair

Here’s what you need to do for screen door repair Jacksonville FL:

Gather the materials for your replacement screen and the equipment you’ll need

Pay a visit to your nearest hardware store to buy the aforementioned supplies. Wire and fiberglass are the two most common types of replacement screen material. Both are available in black, white, or charcoal hues and are sold in rolls.

There are also a few specialty fabrications available, such as wire mesh with smaller holes to keep out “no-see-ums” and a heavier-duty fiberglass “pet” alternative.

The screen door must be removed from the door frame

The screen door has to be removed from the frame first.

Because the entire door is supported by flexible rollers, raise the frame until the bottom edge of the rollers cleared the lip, then slant the door outward from the bottom.

Get rid of the old spline

The rubbery cord that holds the screen in place is known as the spline. If your screen door can be broken because the spine is separated from the frame, causing the screening to become very loose.

Use a screwdriver to remove the old spline. Simply insert a screwdriver into a crack in one of the corners and pull it away from the door’s perimeter.

This spline can be thrown away (it’ll probably be fairly disgusting), as you’ll want to use new spline when installing the new screens!

Incorporate a new spline

The screening had been fitted into the door’s lip at this stage, so it was time to install the new spline.

Begin at the door’s bottom right corner, pressing the spline’s end into the corner. To get it wedged into the corner, you may need to be a little more firm.

Once it’s in place, start rolling the spline into the lip with care.

Remove any surplus screen material and replace the door in its frame

Use the convex end of the spline roller to firmly push everything into place and clip the surplus screen material with the utility knife once you have the spline and screen in place on all four sides.

Now sit down with a refreshing iced beverage to enjoy the fresh spring winds after replacing the screen door on the frame.

However, why not save yourself from the hassle and let the professional screen door repair servicesdo the task for you?

Well, now you know how to repair your screen door the easy way. Having problems with the pool screen as well? Not sure if you should replace it or not.

Here’s How to Tell If It’s Time to Replace Your Pool Cage

Recognizing when your pool cage needs to be replaced will save you money and help you avoid a potentially dangerous situation.

Here’s how to detect if you need to replace your entire pool enclosure:

Excessive algae growth

Florida’s humid and warm climate provides ideal circumstances for algae growth.

Algae is nearly tough to remove using conventional cleaning methods, and if left unchecked, it will swiftly grow throughout your screen enclosure.


When a pool enclosure is old or obsolete, it may be necessary to replace it entirely for cosmetic reasons.

Perhaps you’ve recently refurbished your home or moved into a new one with an outdated pool enclosure.

A new enclosure will enhance the appearance of your pool area while also adding value to your home!

Missing or rusted hardware

It’s better to replace the complete pool cage if you find missing bolts or rusted screws and fasteners.

During a heavy storm, a damaged pool enclosure could detach and blow away, causing major harm to yourself or your property.

Large visible tears

While little tears are simple to repair, large and apparent rips are a more serious issue.

Even if you attempted to fix larger areas of your screen, the results would be short-lived. Plus, for every visible rip, there are undoubtedly several more beneath the surface.


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