Things To Know Before Getting A Virtual Skylight

There is hardly anyone in the world who would like to have a skylight in his/her house. The things don’t just add a touch of class and vibrancy to the indoors, but also bring in light to make the place look wider and beautiful.


People all around the globe now prefer to install this in new as well as the existing building. Obviously, even you would want to have one of these in your home, and it’s great thinking.


However, before you get a skylight or a virtual skylight, there are things that you need to know and decide. This post will introduce you to these things and also guide you with them. Have a look:


Skylight Type


While most of the people are aware of the size variants of skylights, very few know that these lights are also available in different types. There are the domed type skylight, flat type lights, water-resistant type, and many more.


Each of these skylights has its own benefits and losses. For instance, if you go for a virtual skylight, you get an innovative and controllable sun window. It will need much less roof cutting, waterproofing and would work all around the year, even if there is no sun outside.


There are brands like Innerscene that would offer you a more futuristic version of these virtual skylights for much better results. Their virtual skylight includes multiple light modes that allow it to imitate not just the bright summer sun but also the moonlight.  


Similarly, if you go for a domed type, it would add up your cost but will also ensure that no debris stays on the window for a much longer time.


So, you need to check all the variants and come up with the one that suits your place and the surrounding environment. If you reside in an area that has long winters go for a virtual skylight. In case you live in a dusty area, the domed one is perfect. The flat one will suit the users who prefer not to use plastic material skylights.




Not all the skylights on the market would need the energy to work, so this part is not about the power you supply. Instead, it’s about the power that the skylight will bring into your place. The glass of the skylight and its tint will influence this part.


If the glass is high tint and energy-efficient, it will allow only a bearable amount of light into the house. Considering this part is vital as, without it, you may end up with overheated indoors or a very dim light indoors.


Therefore, check the amounts of sunlight your place receive and use it as a base for deciding the material of your skylight.


Placement Spot


Every single model of the skylight offers a different system for installation. Some will have a frame that fits on the roof while the other may include only a few screws for staying in place. There are also variants like virtual skylight that won’t even need you to cut the roof.


However, each of them has a space requirement for staying in place. You have to indoor spot that needs light and has a decent space for fitting them. It’s best if you find a central spot so that the light can get reflected in the whole house or office.




The cost of the skylight is the most apparent decision you have to make. The skylight needs to be of high quality and offer a decent life, but it should never disturb your budget. Moreover, it isn’t just the cost of light that you need to consider. The cost of installation and the value of the cutting roof is also a factor.


The best decision here will be to go for a virtual light as it has a very low requirement. It needs minimal roof cutting and can be easily installed with minimal skills.


However, the choice is all yours, so take the time to analyze all the costs and then come to a conclusion.


Wrap Up


The points you read are the basic things you need to know before getting a skylight. Once you have it, simply call a professional or take help from your friend to install it. Just be careful while installing it on the roof. It can be dangerous, especially if you don’t have experience in such works.