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Things to Know About Relocation to Canada - TIME BUSINESS NEWS

Things to Know About Relocation to Canada

There are a few things you need to know before you book your flight and move to Canada. Although you are likely to experience culture shock, it is daunting not to fall in love with Canada. This article will prepare you to integrate into Canadas’ life by letting you know realistic expectations. Here is what you should know before moving to Canada.


Canada is a great nation that welcomes immigrants from all corners of the world. Multiculturalism is a norm in Canada. In fact, 40 sitting members of parliament are not Canadians by birth. Therefore, you will encounter a couple of cultures, languages, and religions once you move to Canada.

You don’t have to ditch your culture once you move to Canada; all you need is to adjust and be flexible to achieve success. When you come to Canada, keep an open mind and respect other people’s cultures.


Canada is a country of four seasons. Although the weather varies with where you decide to live, winter is in all parts, though there is a difference in the cold amount. During winter, there is a lot of snow and frozen ponds and lakes where you can skate. Did I mention enjoying poutine, chocolate, and finger-licking French Canadian pea soups around warm fireplaces during the cold months? You will have so much fun. Therefore, it is imperative to carry thick, warm clothing for the cold season.

When springs start, the ice melts quickly, and temperatures rise. Trees and grass will green in a few weeks, and the lush environment will cause you butterflies. Summer will seem short because you will likely enjoy every minute of it.

Cost of living

The cost of living in Canada is a bit high. Although the cost varies from one city to another, you are likely to find the cost of transportation and rent expensive. According to renowned economists, the cost of living in bigger cities like Vancouver and Toronto is relatively expensive.

If you want to save some pennies on rent, look for a living space further out of major cities. This will, in turn, result in longer transit times and high commute costs if you will be working in the city.

Tipping is a deep-rooted culture in Canada. Unlike other countries where tipping is a way of appreciation, in Canada is more of an expectation. Therefore, it is imperative to budget for tipping in salons, restaurants, and taxis. Waiters often earn less than the minimum wage, so tips make a significant difference in their lives.

Additionally, normalize doing some quick math when shopping for basic items because value-added tax varies with provinces. The tax is not included in the prices of items on the shelves; hence you will realize it when it comes to paying.


It is illegal to smoke in public places, including offices, restaurants, hospitals, stores, shared and public areas of rental complexes and apartment buildings.


Although healthcare is publicly funded, everything isn’t free. If you move to Canada as a permanent resident, you will see a doctor for free, but your prescription will likely not be covered. You will also need to dig deep in your pocket to pay for dental care, which is not publicly funded.

However, it is prudent to have comprehensive insurance when moving to Canada because it might take several months before you start enjoying provincial healthcare cover.


Canadians value quality education, and learning in a public institution is free up to Grade 12. Canada prides itself on having unparalleled tertiary institutions globally, making it the ideal place to further your studies.