Things to Know About Rainbow Gemstone

Gemstones are artistically beautiful and precious. An interesting fact about the gemstone is that it is derived from a mineral. It undergoes metamorphosis in the hands of gem maker, who polish and refine it. Jet, Amber, and Pearl are gemstones that uniquely decorate a necklace or a bracelet.

Tourmaline or rainbow gemstones are called the second birthstone of October month. There is an interesting story behind the precious gemstone. It was learned in the 1600s and 1700s by the traders of Italy. Tourmaline means different colored crystals in Sinhalese. An Egyptian legend believes that the gemstones while passing the earth’s surface, a rainbow struck over the gemstones. Hence they transformed into different beautiful colors.  

Rainbow gemstone like rainbow colored gemstones serve the color pallet of the customer. You will get them in blue, pink, red, yellow and green colors. While selecting the gemstones it is essential to see the in the original sunlight. Blue, green, and violet stones look beautiful under the sunshine. While orange, yellow and red look beautiful under normal bulb lights. The unique feature that will make you fall in love is its pleochroism. It means the stone reflects different colors when light falls on it at different places. 

Barbara walker a historian states that gemstone or rainbow gemstone was popular among musicians, singers, writers, and playwrights. It brought luck and fortune when the gemstone was worn as an ornament. The pink color tourmaline seems to favor lovers. It brings love, confidence, kindness, and peace to a person that adorns it. If you are a spiritual person then tourmaline or rainbow gemstone is for you. It will bring inner harmony, serenity, and knowledge. 

Nowadays the medical field is expanding. Therapists, counselors, general practitioner, and surgeons are need of the hour. The pink gemstone or tourmaline will enhance their listening skills and enable to understand the patient better.  Watermelon rainbow stone will make you fall in love with its nature and color. The center of the stone is red, and then white, and green outer layer. The inspiring and variety of colors in the stones make it a lovable stone among customers. The sparkling and enticing stones look extremely beautiful when worn as a finger ring, nose ring, or bracelet. 

Paraiba rainbow gemstone is the priciest. Generally, the stones are found in countries like Brazil, India, Zambia, and Russia. Its beauty and colors allure customers. The rainbow stones are called by beautiful names like Achroite, and pinkish-red is called Dravite, Uvite, Verdelite, and Rubellite.

The love for gemstones is going to be there forever. After all, beauty never goes unnoticed.