Things to Know about EB 5 Visa Project

The EB-5 visa program requires foreign investors to invest capital of $1.8 million in regular areas or $900,000 in special economic zones of the United States. To apply for the same, it is essential to make the United States green card investment directly or indirectly in a new commercial project. Hence, it is important to check out and grab the right opportunity as the investment needed by the EB 5 visa program is sizeable. Thus, it is necessary that foreign investors understand all components of the entire process. Selecting the right EB5 visa project to make the investment is highly significant if the investor wants to be successful.

EB 5 Visa Project

EB 5 projects are usually sponsored by the regional centers. Even though, these investors can form their own New Commercial business, approx. 95% of all the EB 5 visa applicants invest via a Regional Center. EB 5 investment should be made in an EB 5 project that is considered a new commercial business, creating at least ten full-time jobs for U.S. workers.

New commercial businesses are defined as lawful as well as a for-profit business that was designed on or after November 29, 1990. Previous businesses may qualify if the EB 5 investment leads to a restructuring of the business or maximize the number of employees or new worth of an existing business by 40%. The business can be structured in several ways, including sole proprietorship, limited or general partnership, business trust, corporation, or as other publicly or privately owned business structure. Some of the examples of EB 5 investments are Hotels, Mixed use facility, Biotech and medical technologies, Sports complex, Agricultural developments, Office buildings, Wineries and farms, Electric vehicles, Manufacturing, Entertainment venues, F&B, Convention centers, etc.

How to Choose an EB 5 Investor Visa Project?

Finding the right project is one of the most important parts of your EB 5 for green card petition. The applicants of these visas need to be careful while selecting the project as the EB 5 petition depends on the project meeting the requirements of USCIS and following as per the prediction. A lot of due diligence is required to be put in when the process of selecting the project is undergoing.

When it comes to selecting EB 5 visa regional center project, there are a number of elements that an investor should take into account:

The foreign investor should consider taking advice from an expert because they are putting a minimum of $900,000 at risk. If the investors take $1 million routes, they are putting $1 million at risk for the next 5-6 years.

The next factor that an investor applicant should look at is the Regional Center’s relationship with the developer or the borrower. More and more developers choose a Regional Center themselves. There is a conflict with the model, there are good developers as well as not so good developers in the market, some investors are comfortable with the conflict, some have issues, but this is something another thing that you should look at.

Last, an investor should study the job creation model for the project. At the end, the thing that investors are making that investment is to get their temporary Green Card and get their Permanent Green Card. Investors should consider several factors to get the approval of USCIS.

It might be challenging to consider everything on your own. Thanks to advancement, there are a few reliable service providers are available to assist you with your EB 5 visa and EB 5 visa project. Get in touch with the right one.