Things to Know About Buying the Right Designer Clothes for Your Girl

Gifting your daughter a designer dress on a special occasion is not the end of your responsibility. Designer wear may not be clothes which your kid/s will wear frequently. This means that the outfits need to be stored properly to prevent damage. If your child is quite particular about her clothes and already has a number of designer dresses, you should consider having a designer clothes insurance policy in place.

Such apparel may be one-of-a-kind, adding to their price tag and their value beyond just the tag. Purchase insurance for designer clothes online for financial coverage against multiple incidents which may lead to damage or loss of the apparel.

Things to keep in mind while purchasing a designer cloth for your daughter

Have a look at the following tips to select the perfect designer dress for your girl –

  • Look for evergreen designs

You can choose timeless and evergreen designs which could fit varied occasions seamlessly. There are certain trends which never go out of fashion, such as maxi dresses, sundress, the little black dress, and so on. Purchase such designs which will not go out of fashion any time soon.

If you want instead opt for ethnic designs, you can opt for a Lehenga/Ghaghra plus choli combination or the quintessential Kanjivaram to sync with any cultural event.

  • Go with your kid’s choice

You can always go with what your child wants. Note that a designer dress purchase may not be such commonplace unless your income permits. Yet, purchasing just what the buyer wants may perhaps be the best step forward.

  • Choose a dress which can be accessorised well

Opt for outfits which can be styled in different ways. Where an LBD may not leave much room for styling, a jumpsuit can be both smart and subtle. Also, try to buy dresses which can accessorised easily. Consider the colour. Mauve can be a difficult colour to match unlike yellow ochre or light bush green.

  • Select the dress considering the weather and occasion

It is important to take the weather and the occasion into account while purchasing the ideal dress. Such dresses must assure comfort irrespective of the climate and make a statement.

After the purchase, make sure you have an insurance plan for the necessary financial coverage in case of damage or loss of the apparel. You can opt for a Purchase Protection Cover provided by Bajaj Finserv Pocket Insurance & Subscriptions.

For more specific financial coverage respective to your designer apparel, you can opt for a designer clothes insurance policy.

Just like a wedding dress insurance policy, these insurance for designer wearables can provide holistic financial coverage against the worst-case scenarios which can happen to the apparel. It extends financial assistance to compensate for the damage caused to the outfit due to fire, flood, riots, strikes, etc.

Avail insurance for designer clothes and enjoy coverage amount of above Rs. 50,000 against an affordable annual premium. Refer to top insurers who offer the option to apply for such a policy online.