Things to keep in mind while planning your first-anniversary function

Do you still remember the butterflies and excitement of your wedding day and how everyone was happy to witness your special day? How about living the moment over again? Well, an anniversary party can do the magic! It is one of the essential days which reminds you of the day when you both had tied the knot together for life long! It might seem like just yesterday you both became “WE” from single and almost a whole year has passed with a blink of an eye. No matter which anniversary it is, be it the 10th anniversary or 50th anniversary, this special day will always remain auspicious for both of you. Anniversary celebration does not only cherish the married couples or a dating couple but also allows them to know much their union has influenced others also.

There are many possible romantic ideas that you can do to celebrate this special day which caters to almost any style and circumstances. However, before going ahead with the celebration, few things need to be considered and that is planning! A function without planning can never run smoothly and successfully. Throwing an anniversary party might sound very easy but in reality, it can be complicated without planning. There are so many arrangements that need to be considered so here we have listed below some of the important steps on guiding you with planning an anniversary party that is going to be a hit!

Start with Consideration of Budget

The first step in planning an anniversary party is the consideration of the budget. Budget plays a crucial role in organizing any event because of which you can further go ahead with other planning such as anniversary party decoration, food, venue, gifts, and many more. It is not necessary to make a hole into your pocket to throw a grand bash. Even with a limited budget and consideration of some heart-touching anniversary party favors can make a huge difference.

Choose a Date & Venue

Another step that comes to consider while planning an anniversary party is the date and the venue. Go for a party date that is perfectly close to the actual anniversary date or the day itself. If you have planned to spend a good amount then you can consider booking a resort, party venue, or even restaurants, or else anniversary decorations at home can also be a hit.

Make Guest List & Send Invites

Once you are done with the guest list, another essential part is the invitation design. Send anniversary party invitation at least a few weeks before the date if it is formal. You can mention the dress code in the invitation as well. The invitation can be both printed or digital.

Consideration of Anniversary Party Theme

Anniversary party themes are always fun and reflective of the couple as well. You can go for some color-based themes to ensure the anniversary party decorations are elegant. However, if you want it more casual anniversary party, you can consider some Bollywood, retro, or beach-themed parties as well. If you are planning for a 25thanniversary decorations, going for silver theme wedding decoration can be best to showcase the royalty of your togetherness.

Decide Your Menu

One of the essential steps in planning your anniversary celebration is making your guests happy to the fullest! Set a budget when it comes to food and drinks so that you can either hire a caterer, order from somewhere, or prepare it at home as well. For a small get-together, opting for a buffet-style set-up can be a great idea. However, for a large gathering, a party catered to avoid stress can be more thoughtful. Try to keep the menu simple and add some of the best delicacies too!

A Romantic and Classy Décor

An anniversary party, and no anniversary party decorations? So, not happening right? Anniversary decorations are usually based on the theme or color scheme that you have planned along with some personalized touches that highlight your relation. Go for some addition of balloons, a HAPPY ANNIVERSARY banner for the backdrop, floral arrangements, hanging swirls, photo calendar banners, lights, foil curtains, and props too! Be it planning for your 25th wedding anniversary decoration or first anniversary decoration, addition of these elements will surely spice up your celebration.

Decide the Entertainment

Anniversary celebration always calls for entertainment and making great memories with your loved ones. Arrange entertainment, games, and music to keep your party in full swing.  You can opt for hiring a band if you want live music or even arrange a DJ to play a set of classics for the honourees. Alive Network has a range of bands for hire in London if you’re local to the area. You can also include speeches and tributes from your close ones in your entertainment timeline so your friends and families can share their sentiments about the special couple!

Picturesque Photo Booth Prop Backdrop

A special event is happening and no pictures? How can that be possible? Get some arrangement for photo booth props for the backdrop that so on-trend nowadays. We bet your guests would be excited to snap some quirky and cool pictures with the props and make your day a memorable one!

Special Anniversary Cake

This special day calls for a special treat and CAKE can be your best idea! Get an amazing cake for you both or if it is a surprise party, get a customized cake of their tastebud. You can order the cake a few days before to avoid any kind of a mess. Also, do not forget to transform your cake into your style with an addition of a gorgeous cake topper! You have no idea how wonderfully a cake topper can add elegance to your cake!

Photographer For Capturing Memories

Last but not the least, if your budget allows, hire a photographer! Believe us, a photographer can cherish your day by capturing all the special moments. This is not completely mandatory however if your budget allows then why not go for one?

Begin early and take as much as time you need when it comes to planning your anniversary party so that you do not get too overwhelmed. Dividing your work can make your task easier to some extent especially when your detailed planning and your wishes come to life!