Things to keep in mind while creating Whiteboard Animations

Apparently, whiteboard videos tend to seem simple to produce, but nothing is further from reality. Working a good script, drawing graphics with quality and intention, and making good animations accompanied by sound effects, are just examples of what should be taken into account when making such videos.

As for the narration, it must be professional. There can be no background noise, and a specific voice that is friendly to the animated graphic piece must be chosen. Each tone of voice can represent one intention or another, and this should be consistent with the rhythm of the video, the quality, and the graphic elements that compose it.

Use as much features as you can

Simplify the resources in a whiteboard video, it is the most common error when considering the realization of this type of videos. It’s true that it is worth to make whiteboard animation videos, but not everything goes with it. The inclusion of each of the most used resources graphically, as well as sound effects, background music, and professional storytellers is essential for a whiteboard video to succeed.

Connect your graphics and drawings

The planning of this type of videos, after the script, is one of the most important phases. For the video to contain each and every elements of a good whiteboard video, you should not forget about the global graphic composition.

During the development of 2D animation, our hand with a pen or pen will draw. A camera will follow its lines from side to side, chasing at all times the best framing of each scene. Once the video is finished, a common point of all whiteboard videos is to roll back the camera until you see everything that has been drawn in the course of the video.

Characteristics of Whiteboard Animations

Common graphic elements in a scribing video

Normally for this type of videos, drawings of characters and objects are used, accompanied at all times by lines with arrows, comic bubbles, short letters and texts, and symbols related in any way to some content of the story that is he is counting. Obviously, we cannot forget the total white background, which mimics a blackboard and helps clarify the elements that interact on it.

The hand writing on the White board

For the conduction of the animation, while the voiceover (announcer) is telling the story, a hand with a pen or marker is mostly used. This hand writes, erases, crosses, does and undoes to maintain the audiovisual graphic rhythm during the explanation we are listening to. They are also used only markers or pens without hands, but this dehumanizes the production a bit.

The narrative conductivity voice on a whiteboard video

An essential element in a whiteboard video or scribing video is the narrative voice. This tells us the story we are seeing in images, and leads us throughout the audiovisual. This voice must be friendly, with rhythm, and recorded by a professional. If the recording of the speech does not have a minimum quality, it will destroy all the visual work.

However, these are not all the animation techniques that exist, there are many of them. It all depends on your imagination, and librarians, like other creative people are certainly not deprived of fantasy, so I think you can create your own animation depending on your imaginations!

Animation panels on the board is a great marketing tool. Traditional advertising methods can be effective in attracting specific customers. However, enterprises cannot reach the next level in the modern world without using modern marketing technologies and methods. These state-of-the-art methods allow companies to reach people all over the world. Using the Internet, you can get to almost anyone.


Hand-drawn animation or whiteboard animation allows you to transfer any information in a simple and visually interesting way. Use it to educate your audience. Such a video helps to convey to the audience absolutely any concept, regardless of its complexity. It uses the power of storytelling in combination with unconventional graphics, thereby providing visual appeal. To make the story coherent and more logical, animated characters similar to those of the buyer are used. Now you must be completely ready to create your own animated video.