Things to keep in mind while buying a washing machine

Are you looking for a brand new washing machine? Then you are in the right place. There are some points to be kept in mind before buying a washing machine. It is essential to know your requirements and what kind of washing machine would be the right one for you. So before you buy a brand new washer, here are some important points you should take into consideration.


1. Type of washing machine

First of all, decide whether you need the best semi automatic washing machine or a fully automatic washing machine to simplify your daily chores. This will solely depend upon your budget restrictions and requirements. 

2. Capacity

Consider how many people you have in your home and the number of times you would wash clothes in a week. Washing machine capacity ranges from 6 Kg to 12 Kg. 6 KG would be enough for bachelors or couples, and 7 Kg to 8 Kg would be enough for a family of 4 members and 10 Kg and above is normally required if you have many members in your family.


3. Size or Dimension

Top load washing machine takes up more space than the front load washing machine. Front-load washing machines can be put into any tight corner or placed in a room to look as if it is a part of a room. The semi-automatic washing machines take up a lot of space in the room. So check the dimension of the model that your plan to buy and decide accordingly. 


4. Wash settings

The fully-automatic washing machines offer numerous programmes for washing different fabric types, like a cotton wash, delicate wash or normal wash. Some of them even allow you to customise the wash setting according to your requirements. The best part is that many modern washing machines allow you to save your favourite settings so that you can use them on demand.


5. Spin cycle 

The higher the spin cycle, the more efficient it would be at drying the clothes. Spin cycles are adjusted according to the type of fabric and the type of clothes. Spin Cycle is denoted by Revolutions Per Minute (RPM). Delicate clothes are spun at low RPM, and clothes like jeans are spun are high RPM.


6. Material of the drum

The drum of the washing machine comes in different types of material. They can come as a plastic drum, stainless steel drum or porcelain enamel drum. The steel drum is the most durable, and the porcelain enamel is the least durable as it can chip in the long run. The plastic drum is economical and durable than porcelain enamel.


7. Dryer

It is better to choose a washing machine that comes with a dryer if you lead a busy life and don’t have enough time to hang the clothes after washing them. There are many washing machines available in the market that comes with an in-built dryer.


8. Pre-soak

The pre-soak feature is beneficial if your clothes get dirty with tough stains on them. This feature helps to remove the toughest stains and dirt by soaking the clothes in water. If you have kids in your home, then this feature is a must.


9. Temperature control

This feature helps you to control the temperature of the water for washing the clothes. Hot water wash provides a better wash than normal water. Hot water deep cleans your clothes and helps in easy stain removal.


10. Water and Energy Efficiency

Look for the star rating when you bring home a new washing machine. LG, Samsung, Bosch and IFB are some of the best washing machine brand to look for with power-saving features. The front-load washing machines and semi-automatic washing machines are the best for conserving the water while washing clothes.


As we have covered all the things that should be looked into while buying a washing machine, it is now time for you to get out of your home and look for the best washing machine brands in the nearby store. It is also recommended to use the correct type of detergent according to the type of washing machine you choose for washing your clothes. Different detergents brands are available in the market that can be solely used for a specific type of washing machine like top load, front load, and semi-automatic.