Things to Keep in Mind When Using a Free Proxy Server

When you want to carry out internet browsing but if you want to do it unseen and keep your information private you can use a proxy server. There are free proxy servers that you can use. Funnily enough, the most common use for free proxy sites is bypassing access restrictions for example colleges and businesses that block certain sites. But you should take care when it comes to free sites as there can be safety concerns with them if you use the wrong ones. You might want to choose instead to invest a small and reasonable sum using somewhere like YiluProxy instead. If you still choose to use a free proxy server there are a few options both Linux and Windows but you get more with something like a paid software so you can protect yourself continuously.

Things to consider when using free proxy servers

Here are three things to keep in mind when using a free proxy versus one you pay for.

Be careful with your security

There are some free sites where they are a scam and they are after your details such as your credit card information or your passwords. Be careful what you fill out and what information you give them and make sure they are a reputable option. You can investigate them by looking them up online, see if there are any reviews and what they have to say. Often with free proxy servers, the problem is that most are unencrypted so it is possible for the information to be stolen and misused. When it comes to security, paid proxy servers are a lot better. They are focussed on concealing your identity and protecting your information and do not hold onto it or give it away.

Consider its availability and how stable it is

While there are a lot of free proxy sites not all of them are completely stable so there are going to be times when they are not available and that is not especially convenient. If you want to be able to access their protection whenever you want without problems YiluProxy or some other paid server would work better.

What kind of speeds can you expect?

When you use a proxy to hide your IP with a free one the speeds can really slow down and it can have a big impact on your browsing experience. Another issue with speed is the inconsistency. Sometimes it might be faster and other times it might not depending on how much demand is being placed on the free servers. With a paid proxy server, you get better speeds as they want their users to have a good experience and to keep paying for their service.


There are free proxy servers out there if you are looking at options for secure and hidden browsing without having to pay for it. But the good ones are harder to find, and there is a risk with some of them, so sometimes it might be better to find a good paid option so you get a better experience online.

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