Things to do to make your marijuana consumption safe

A substance like marijuana is well-known for producing different effects on different people. However, several factors deserve some attention in this respect. For example, you would have to consider its composition and growing conditions when you discuss its quality. At the same time, who is using this or, more substantially, the person’s physiology also matters. Besides, another important thing can be the dose. It can be a personal process, but you have to pay heed to what amount you can consume and how. There are specific guidelines that can help you have a smooth and safe experience with it.

The cannabis doses

If you visit any Weed To Buy Dispensaries, you would probably come across a familiar maxim propagating the idea of slow consumption. There are plausible reasons for this. One study shows that advanced cancer patients dosing on marijuana in smaller quantities experienced pain relief without any implications. Some also indicate that vaping cannabis in a lower amount can also relieve nerve pain. Plus, small doses also reduce the risk of affecting daily functioning. It is easy to assume that one can try the upper limit too, but it may not result in effective medical treatment. 

According to experts, the cannabis effect can vary from one person to another because of the different levels or nature of the endocannabinoid system, weight, gender, frequency of use, metabolic rate, etc. You can determine your dose only after a few trials and errors. Still, if you don’t want to face anxiety issues under its influence, keep your quantities lower. You can wait to realize its effect and add more after a considerable time lapse. The best thing would be to opt for smaller edible items or one or two puffs of a pre-rolled joint, especially for beginners. Once you become comfortable, you can start experimenting.

The tricks to control an overwhelming feeling of high

As hinted already, overdosing has its risks. You can get too high or anxious. To get out of this zone, you can try CBD for its ability to reduce the intoxicating effect of THC. Still, you would want to be careful with the quantity of CBD also. Hence, it would be better to choose a safer option. For example, you can increase your intake of water and other fluids. Eat more. It should take place before and during your cannabis activities. When you are on a high, your mouth may not produce salvia for a brief period after smoking. However, hydration can remove this problem, giving you a more comfortable experience.

Other than this, you can do some conscious or meditative breathing to calm your nerves. Doing it in a familiar environment can be even better. If you sense there can be a panic attack, relax, and wait. The feeling will subside in some time. At the same time, you can close your eyes and breathe deep. Or, take a shower, play some soft music to calm down.

Like this, you can arm yourself with crucial information about cannabis consumption to avoid risks and enjoy its health benefits.