Things to Do If Your Child Is Suffering from Constipation

In simple words, constipation is a condition, where your child has fewer bowel movements than he or she normally would or finds it difficult to poop due to hard stools. It may seem to be a simple bowel problem however it may happen because of many reasons. The parents are stressed and seek various methods to end their kid’s constipation problems.

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Now the main causes of constipation troubling toddlers:

  • It often happens when infants start to have more solid foods.
  • It may happen because your toddler shies away from toilet training in the beginning stage.
  • Constipation can  develop due to a change in environment like when your child is starting to go to school.

Signs That indicate your child is suffering due to constipation:

  • They suffer from abdominal pain. Indigestion or abnormal bowel movements may lead to stomach pain.
  • When they poop fewer times than usual, like three or four times a week.
  • Your child is uncomfortable while pooping because of hard stools.
  • According to expert paediatricians, there may be other minor reasons that can often trouble infants leading to constipation.  There are a number of dos and don’ts to help prevent or alleviate constipation from your child’s life.

Here are the dos and don’ts:

  • Keep them active. Physical activity helps food move through the digestive process.
  •  Increase their intake of fibre-rich foods like apples, pear, millets, raw vegetables, oats and more.
  • Many children avoid pooping in the toilet. Hence, tempt them with small rewards to poop for a few days and gradually they will get accustomed to pooping normally.  Kids like to be praised all the time thus it is best to encourage by cajoling them every time they need to poop. 
  • Avoid food that is rich in sugar and carbohydrates. Bananas, rice, bread, and pasta should be avoided when they haven’t pooped the entire day.
  • Many parents scold their kids for not pooping or spending a lot of time in the toilet. It is best to avoid using harsh words.
  • For first-time toilet users, you can let them poop in their diapers while sitting on a toilet seat. Once, they get accustomed to using the toilet they will be more encouraged to use it.

Your paediatrician will have the right solution for easing the act of pooping if your child is experiencing difficulties. They may prescribe a stool softener or effective laxative gel to help ease constipation or products that provide Gas Relief for Babies