Things To Consider While Hiring A Social Security Lawyer

Court cases are something which everyone fears. Once you get in any of them, things start to get complicated and you feel trapped. 

Also,  sometimes, because of health problems and disabilities you find it hard to present their case in court and make a solid argument. 

So you feel the need for a Social Security Appeal Attorney who will fight for your benefits and rights. But before hiring an attorney you must consider following things:

Factors to consider for hiring an SS disability lawyer

  • Specialization

 While choosing an attorney make sure that they have a specialization in cases related to social security disability. They have years of experience with federal court cases. Also they have enough knowledge about the specific terms and jargon regarding the social security system.

  • Credential

Look for an attorney’s license of practicing law in Federal court where the actual case is being represented. The other thing is to check the qualification of the lawyer, and see if the attorney is qualified to represent the case. 

  • Experience

For any case to win, the experience of attorneys is the one thing you must check, which includes the number of social security cases, appeals etc. Also you can check the past record of success rate in the list of Social Security Attorneys in Federal Court. It will be beneficial for you if the case is being monitored by an experienced lawyer.

  • Reviews

Another thing you can do is to search the reviews, past comments, testimonials, or consult with old clients. It will help you in getting the clear idea of an attorney’s reputation and satisfaction of the client.

  • Communication

Good communication is the one of the important skills you seek, while considering an SS disability attorney. The attorney will help you in explaining the complex cases in the court and keeps you updated about the case’s progress.

  • Available and Responsive

While choosing an attorney you must consider the one who will be easily available when you need them. Or must answer all your questions.

  • Style of Advocacy

Sometimes attorneys will tell you what you want to hear, but it’s not always the same, because you need one who gives you reality checks. A good lawyer will suggest a course of action and which will protect you from any legal issues. At the end you want a lawyer who will help you from beginning to end.

  • Cost factor

When hiring an SS disability attorney, fee structure is one of the main factors. As some of the lawyers follow a contingency fee structure or cost factor which means the fee is only received if the case is won.

  • Success Rate

While hiring the attorney you must inquire about their success rate, as it is something which will give you a clear idea of your winning probability. To enquire about their success rate ask them to provide you with their track record. 

  • Analyze professionalism

As professionalism is something which everyone seeks especially in the case of law. So, before hiring any attorney, you must analyze their professionalism, commitment towards the case. By doing this the chances of winning the case can increase.

  • Problem solving Skills

As you know all the cases are different and one solution can not be a problem to your situation. When choosing a lawyer you must analyze their problem solving skills. Also a lawyer with great problem solving can manage any situation related to your case. 

  • Local Knowledge

The lawyer must be familiar with their local Social Security Administration offices and the judges of law administrations. It can be beneficial for you in winning the case. 

  • Trust your instinct

With the help of your instinct you can choose an attorney with whom you can feel comfortable working and have faith that they will represent your case effectively.

  • Consultation

While hiring an attorney you can also take the help of consultants as they guide through. This guidance will be beneficial for you as you can get a potential lawyer who will meet your needs. 


Now you have got the idea of factors which will help you in hiring a lawyer. You can take these considerations into account. To obtain your benefits you must need a professional attorney of Social Security who can present your case in an effective manner.

So what are you waiting for? Go get a professional and secure all your benefits. 

After all, a right Social Security attorney is all you need!