Things to Consider When You Build a Gaming PC

Most people are fond of gaming. Because it is a good source of entertainment. Some people take it as a hobby and some people choose it as a profession. Both these types of people are very choosy about the components used in their PCs. There are a lot of important things to consider when you build a gaming PC by

First of all, if we talk about how much money is required to build a high-quality gaming PC keep in your mind that the performance of a system and the cost are directly related to each other.

If you want amazing performance during the gaming experience you have to build a powerful machine and of course, it is much more costly. And if you select cheap material your PC performance is compromised.

Things to consider when you build a gaming PC

Operating System

When we talk about operating systems three operating systems are most popular nowadays Windows OS, Linux OS, and Mac OS.

When we talk about performance Windows OS is considered the best operating system of all. Its performance is outclassed as compared to the others.

It provides a wide variety of games for its users on the other hand Linux and Mac OS offer a limited variety of games. We can get good performance from Mac with an external GPU.

Customization is also an important option, Mac OS does not offer customization but a little bit, on the other hand, we can customize our windows PC according to our needs and choice.

System Cooling

Heat is deadly for computers. When we play heavy games for hours, the system heats up which can reduce performance. So we have to apply cooling systems on gaming laptops and PCs, these cooling systems are very effective in reducing heat and maintaining performance

There are different types of cooling systems in the market given below

  • Fan Cooling System
  • Liquid Cooling System
  • Type/Twin Tower Air Coolers
  • Closed-loop Cooling system
  • Open-loop Cooling system
  • MotherBoard

Computer components like graphic card units and processors communicate with each other with the help of the motherboard. It is the most important part of all components.

It does not affect  gaming directly but it makes your system  responsive  during the gaming experience


For gaming, storage is also a major part, as the gaming industry evolves a large variety of games introduced. Some of them are heavy like GTA 5, GTA 6, Crysis3, Metro Exodus, and PUBG  occupy a lot of space on the PC during installation.

For this purpose big storage is required . one TB storage is enough for a good gaming experience. There are a lot of drives available in the market like HDD(hard disk drive), SSD(solid-state drive),mSATA, and NVMe, NVMe is faster and gives better performance among all. SATA cards and SSD drives are also a good option their performance is excellent.

Gaming peripherals

Peripherals are input or output devices. For the best gaming experience, gaming peripherals are very important.

These are some basic peripherals, those are a must for gaming on a PC

  • Gaming keyboard
  • Mouse set
  • Headphones
  • Gaming wheels
  • Controller
  • Monitor
  • Case
  • Fan case

For the best experience, you have to buy excellent quality peripherals.

Power Supply Unit

It converts AC to DC power for internal computer components like the processor motherboard. Switch-mode power supply units are used nowadays. You can change supply manually for selected input voltage units. You cannot operate your system without PSU. A good power supply makes sure your all inner components work properly and efficiently.

These are some best power supply units available in the market.

  • Corsair RM750x
  • Corsair CX 450
  • XPG Core Reactor 650W
  • Seasonic Prime Titanium TX-1000

Graphics processing unit (GPU)

GPU is used to render graphics. In general, GPU is not required but if you are in gaming, GPU is a must. For heavy games like GTA 5 or GTA 6, high quality and powerful GPU is required to render their graphics.

It is not used only for gaming purposes. It helps out in video editing, machine learning, etc.

Random Access Memory(RAM)

A higher amount of ram is required for gaming. You need at least  8 GB of ram for

gaming and 16 GB is recommended. There are many types of RAM available in the market like DDR2, DDR3, and DDR4. DDR4 is faster, efficient, reliable, and offers superior performance as compared to others. DDR3 also performs well and is much more reliable


It gives proper instructions and processing power to the PC to perform particular tasks. There are different  types of processors given below

  • Microprocessor
  • Microcontroller
  • Embedded processor
  • Digital signal processor

Some chipsets like microprocessors are used in the mobile industry and are very helpful for mobile gaming and other processor types used in personal computers and servers. It is a very important part of computer components. For building a gaming PC at least corei5 is required for better performance but it is not recommended.


During the building process of a Gaming PC, we have to ensure some important things like gaming is our hobby or we choose it as a profession. If you choose gaming as a hobby or for just enjoyment purposes and you cannot afford costly build you can buy a PC with medium build quality. And if you choose gaming as a profession you have to pay a high cost for building a high-quality best PC for professionals for the best performance just because low-quality material affects the performance during gaming. The proverb “the deeper the well the colder the water is” fits-in in this situation.