Things to consider when choosing your construction materials supplier


If you own a construction company or someone who handles procurement for one, you need to have a reliable construction materials supplier where you are guaranteed to have the best quality of materials as possible.


There are a lot of ways on how to find a supplier. Whether it’s through an industry contact or business directories online, you’re sure to have a number of options. The real challenge is finding the right one to be your partner. Yes, that’s right, a partner. If you’re a construction company, your supplier is your partner because the quality of their materials can affect the quality of your services. It can be the deciding factor for satisfied clients or problematic problems.


Before reading this guide, you probably already have prospective suppliers in mind. If you’re having trouble finding the right construction materials supplier, here are some things you should consider.


Their Product Catalog

The most important thing you should consider is the variety of products that they offer. Materials needed for construction projects may vary and jump from one supplier to another takes a lot of time. It is highly recommended that you have a single supplier. This also guarantees the consistency in the quality of the products that you use.


A reliable supplier should have most, if not, all of the materials that you need for your construction projects. Always check if a company has a website since this is probably where you can access their complete product catalog. If not, schedule a meeting with the company or ask for a catalog via email.


Another thing that you should ask when checking a company’s product catalog is the availability of their products. Always ask if they have supplies on hand. If not, you should inquire about how long these products are going to be manufactured and delivered to your business.


The Company’s History and Experience

Nothing speaks more about the quality of a company through its history and experience. You could check first how long has the company has been operating. A company that has been operating for a decade or more is a good indication of a company’s brilliance and it shows that they have a good reputation.


You should also consider their past projects or the other companies that they have worked with. Most good construction suppliers have a portfolio ready and you can always ask for it when inquiring about their products. 


Quality of Customer Support

A lot of construction suppliers don’t have this, but it is really good to keep an eye out for a company that has customer support. Traditional transactions are straightforward. Once the goods are delivered, there is little to no interaction between the construction company and the supplier after. 


The problem is when some of the construction materials have defects upon arriving to the project site. This is where quality customer support comes in. A good and reliable construction supplier company will always be ready for defective or poor-quality materials as long as the mistake happened during the manufacturing of the products. Keep this in mind because companies that have poor customer support can lead to delays in the project or wasted budged.



Construction projects may vary in location. Your chosen construction supplier should be able your required construction materials to any location on time and with little to no problems. When shopping for a construction supplier, ask first if they have their own delivery team or they outsource it. Most of the time, a supplier with their own delivery capabilities is a better option because products are delivered faster.


Also, ask their estimated delivery times for example locations of your projects. Knowing when to expect the arrival of your supplies is also important in making sure your projects are done in a timely manner.


Cost of Goods

Last but not the least, the construction supplier of your choice should have reasonable and competitive prices. This is also the part that is going to take most of the time because you have to compare prices of different companies to decide. 


Always remember that cheaper doesn’t necessarily mean better and more expensive prices don’t necessarily mean higher quality products. The price of products should not sway you from skipping all of the other things you should consider. This is a common mistake of some construction companies because they would usually opt immediately for suppliers that offer cheaper prices.


Key Takeaway

Finding the right supplier is something that you should never rush especially in the construction industry where the quality of products directly affects the quality of services. If you are dissatisfied with the products of your supplier, you can be sure that your clients will also be dissatisfied with your services.


These tips are only the basics. At the end of the day, choosing your supplier will depend on who can meet your company’s requirements so incorporate these ideas to your own.