Things To Consider When Choosing Lightroom Presets

Every photographer is different. Therefore, it’s no surprise that today’s market offers a wide range of Lightroom presets for every specific style. When you are about to purchase your first set of presets, you might be wondering if there is such thing as the perfect preset or which presets would be best for you and your image-editing technique.

In order to make the best decision for your photography and workflow, consider the following factors:

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1. The Purpose Of Presets

Lightroom presets should save you time and improve your editing process. They should not require any additional adjustments or fixes after installation. If a preset requires too much tweaking, it defeats the purpose of using presets in the first place.

2. Do The Presets Have An Adjustable Effect?

Some presets are designed to have a global effect on your photo, while others offer more adjustability for precise control. Consider how important the global vs. adjustable effects are to you and whether you want complete control over each individual image or not.

3. Compatibility

Not all presets, especially free Lightroom presets, are compatible with every version of Lightroom. Make sure that the presets you are interested in are compatible with the software that you currently use. This is also true with Lightroom mobile presets. 

4. Style

Just like every photographer has a unique style, so do presets for Lightroom. Some might be more specific than others in terms of the style they produce and the adjustment range. Also, check how your edited images look in comparison to the sample photos that were used for each preset’s preview image.

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5) Variety Of Styles & Effects

Not all images require the same type of preset. There are different kinds of presets available to suit every single possible taste. The preset market is becoming increasingly saturated with a variety of new and creative styles, making it more difficult for you to choose a set that best fits your needs.

To make sure that you end up with the perfect Lightroom preset for you, make sure to do your research and read the reviews of each set. This will help you to narrow down your choices and make an informed decision about the best presets for your photography.

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6. Effects On Photos

When purchasing Lightroom presets, be sure to keep in mind the effect that they will have on your photos. Not all presets are compatible with every version of Lightroom, so be sure to do your research before making a final purchase. If there is any additional editing needed for the preset to look exactly how you want it to, this should be taken into consideration before purchasing, as well.

7. Ease Of Use

Presets should be easy to install and use. They should not require any complicated steps or extra software. The best presets are simple to install and use without any fuss.

8. Customizable?

Some presets can be customized to fit a specific purpose or type of photo better. If you want to modify your presets so they work on a certain set of photos, choose the ones that offer customizable options.

9. Trial Versions Vs Full Versions

Before purchasing, find out if the manufacturer offers a trial version of their presets for testing purposes. This will give you a chance to review the presets and see if they are compatible with your workflow. It will also help you determine how much tweaking is required after installation.

10. Test Your Presets

Once you’ve narrowed down your list of favorites, test-drive them with a few sample photos. Trial and error is often the best way to figure out which presets work best for you and your workflow.

If possible, test out a trial version of the presets on a few photos before making a purchase. This way, you can investigate any adjustments or problems that might arise when using the presets.

Finally, don’t forget to learn how to use presets. Often, you can find a plethora of tutorials on how to install and maintain your presets. Do your research and enjoy the creative boost that Lightroom presets provide.

11. Customer Service And Support

Some vendors offer support in case you have any problems with your purchase or need assistance installing their software. Make sure that the product you buy has good customer service for your peace of mind and better workflow management.

12. The Final Product Quality Of The Presets

The quality of the presets you buy is important. The best Lightroom presets are free of artifacts and glitches. They offer a seamless result after installation without affecting RAW image quality.

13. Check For Updates

Some software manufacturers update their presets frequently to improve their quality or add new features, so keep checking for updates every now and then in case there are any new presets that you might want to try out.

To Summarize

When choosing Lightroom presets, it is important to consider the effect they will have on your photos, how easy they are to install and use, and whether customer service is available in case of any problems. Test out a few trial versions before making your final decision to make sure that the presets are compatible with your workflow and the results are satisfactory.