Things to Consider when Buying Car Engine Oil

Buying car engine oil is quite confusing. There are “n” numbers of things to consider when looking for engine oil. What type of engine oil is the best for your vehicle? Can I choose from the manufacture recommended engine oil? What are the different grades available for engine oil? And the list goes on!

To help you make the right decision, we have compiled some aspects to help you choose the best engine oil in India. These are some things to know before your next car service is due.

Types of Engine Oils

 While you are selecting an engine oil for your vehicle, you should know about two options – mineral oils and synthetic oils.

Mineral Oil

They are made from petroleum products and preferred for older models of vehicles. They have low oxidation stability due to which they need frequent changes. They are generally cheaper than their counterparts.

Synthetic Oil

It is made by mixing different synthetic components. Synthetic oils are ideal for high-performance vehicles. They can provide better protection for Indian driving conditions.

Semi-synthetic oil

They give you the best of both the things – the quality of synthetic oil and mineral oil prices. When it comes to performance and protection, they depend on the car make and model.

Different Grades of Engine Oil

In India, the engine oils have been given grades. Depending on their performance, quality, viscosity and heating point, they are graded.

0W40: It is the most superior in the Indian market. It is ideal for giving better performance in both hot and cold climate with the least sludge. It is also ideal for modern-day petrol and diesel-driven cars.

5W40: It is good for diesel cars. It can perform effectively and equally good as 0W40, albeit not in a cold climate.

5W30 or 10W30: It is suitable for modern petrol engines. It is affordable and has a low viscosity that fits modern age petrol engines and provides good fuel efficiency.

10W40: It is available in mineral and semi-synthetic variants. It is also suitable for the Indian climate. It is also an affordable option with efficient performance.

15W40 or 20W50: It is highly recommended for older engines. It is thicker than its counterparts.

Why is it essential to change your engine oil?

The car engines vary from brand to brand. In addition, the driving conditions also play an essential role in deciding the period of when you should change the engine oil of your car. Considering all these elements, the Indian driving conditions and the road conditions are also important to consider. It is said that Indian driving conditions are quite different from countries like the USA or some European nations. And, not to forget, traffic, start and stop, potholes, and more also put stress on the car engine.

Car engine experts suggest changing your car’s engine oil at the 7500 kms to 10000 kms that is the right spot. If you use a mineral-based lubricant, you can go with 5000 kms – 5500 kms mark.

Which Engine Oil is better?

Many people do not believe in high mileage engine oil factor and just consider it as a marketing fad. High mileage synthetic engine oil has specific additives, and synthetic oil ensures that longevity of the engine is maintained. High mileage oil includes some detergents that clean up the gunk and sludge that accumulate inside the engine because of the long use of the engine. It is highly suggested that after 75000 kms, one should choose high mileage engine oil for their vehicle. Anything before that may not prove more beneficial than regular oil.