Things To Consider When Buying a Vacuum Cleaner

There are many vacuum cleaning models in the market, with new models producing better characteristics than previous models. Hence, it is easy to purchase an underperforming machine at a high price.  To help you make a better choice, below are a few tips to consider before making your purchase.

There are many questions people tend to ask themselves, especially during and when buying a vacuum cleaning machine. On top of the list is on what features to look out for on a new unit, what to avoid and how well one can serve a specific purpose. Let us dive into the basic things you have to consider.

Suction power

The performance of a vacuum cleaner depends on its suction power measured in Air Watts.  High power from the main motor does not necessarily translate to good cleaning or suction.  Most full-sized vacuum cleaners feature between 100-200 Air Watts of suction power.  However, there are other cleaners which, when set to maximum power, go above 300 Air Watts.  It is important to note that the importance of a powerful suction depends on the area of application. 

Vacuumed Area

The vacuumed area and cleaning frequency will determine the kind of cleaner required, quality, and durability.  Cordless stick cleaners serve well for small apartments, while large apartments require big powered cleaners with an extra stretch hose and a brush roll switch. 

Wet or Dry Vacuum

Dry vacuum cleaning units are designed for dry dirt, while wet cleaners are mostly for moist and wet dirt and smaller water spills.  Most households prefer using dry vacuum units as it serves them well.  Always refer to the manual when using the cleaners and be keen on the safety precautions. 

Ease of Use, Handling, and Maintenance

A good vacuum cleaner should be easy to use.  You need to familiarize yourself with the user manual first to understand the basics of its usage, maintenance, and handling.  Most advanced vacuums are digitalized with measuring abilities and signal the user when to make adjustments, clean or even replace the battery and empty the dust bins. 


It makes a lot of sense when you purchase a vacuum cleaner with a rather long warranty period.  A warranty of above three years is worth it for a good cleaner.  Most cleaners come with a 1-year limited warranty because of the many moving parts.  Cordless cleaners with removable batteries tend to feature different warranty options for the two.  With that, you can get an above one-year and 3-5 years warranty for the battery and the cleaner, respectively.

Bin Capacity

Your home size and the kind of dust to be collected trigger the need for a larger dust tank.  A smaller dust bin requires regular emptying hence slowing down cleaning.  On the other hand, a bigger one means much dirt is piled up before emptying, leading to unpleasant smells.  A one-liter dirt bin is the most desired for most vacuums as it allows cleaning without interruptions and an easy to open system.  The choice of bagged versus bagless vacuums lies entirely on the user. 


The most important factor in selecting a vacuum cleaner is judging your requirements, including your personal preferences and needs.  You can get good cleaners at budget-friendly prices offering the same value as those expensive ones.  Above all, safety and ease of handle are also important. For more, check vacuum cleaner for sale in Nairobi.