Things to consider before undergoing Lasik surgery

Sight is a crucial factor in your body hence the need to taking good care of it. Most people want to enjoy working with a clear vision. The idea of a Lasik surgery can be scary. However, if there is a need for surgery, there are several things you need to consider.

Factors to look out for

  • Who will be performing the surgery

Do due diligence on the surgeon who will be doing the surgery. Please get to know their past successful surgeries. Ensure that you are comfortable with their track record, experience and qualifications.

  • How long will LASIK last?

It will change the shape of your eyes. The change created is permanent and is designed to last for a long time. Lasik does not prevent age-related eyesight degeneration. The older we become, the more our eyes age.

  • Price

Do not walk into a surgery room without an idea of how much it will cost. You must get a fixed quote before the surgery. You can get it from a Lasik provider.

  • Do you qualify for Lasik surgery?

Not everyone is qualified for Lasik surgery. People with health conditions and specific eye problems do not stand a chance for surgery. Age is equally a determining factor.

  • The side effects

There is a high chance of side effects in all surgeries. However, with Lasik they are very mild. Patients often experience halos while driving at night and also dry eyes. You will be provided with eye drops to handle the dry eyes while recovering from the surgery.

Pros and cons of Lasik surgery


  • It is safe and quick

Lasik surgery takes tentatively 20 minutes. The surgeons who will be performing it ensure that it is handled with utmost safety and caution.

  • Results are released quickly

The time it takes to clear sight is not long. Patients will feel the difference in a few hours.

  • You can live without contacts or glasses

You can be able to undertake your daily activities without glasses.

  • Lasik improves your vision

You can regain 20/20 vision. The aftermath of the surgery dramatically improves your eyesight.


  • You may go for a similar surgery again

The chances of experiencing myopic regression are very high. It means that you will need to go for a second Lasik surgery to clear the problem.

  • Flaps can be injured

The flaps created during the surgery are not secure. Patients are usually asked not to rub their eyes until they are completely healed.

  • Not everybody is eligible for Lasik surgery

Persons under the age of 40 and above are usually not suitable to undergo this surgery. They may have presbyopia where the lens of the eyes hinders close-up vision and becomes stiff.

Final words

You can dash into any eye clinic for a free Lasik consultation. Eyesight care is very crucial hence the need to walk with a professional surgeon. They know how to handle different eyesight issues.