Things to Consider Before Moving to the Sunshine Coast

Many people flock to the Sunshine Coast every year to get away from the stresses of life and unwind for a while. As such a beautiful location, you’re not the first and won’t be the last person to consider moving to the Sunshine coast after either taking a trip or hearing stories.

While some people enjoy the Sunshine Coast as a vacation, others are proud to call it their home. Here’s what you need to know before joining this second group!

Room for Exercise

Firstly, regardless of your age, there’s plenty to see and do on the Sunshine Coast. If you’re getting older and want to stay active, you’ll enjoy hikes, dips into the sea, shopping, and more. Most people find a balance between the countryside, city, and seaside all in this one location.

Tourist Attraction

If you’ve visited the Sunshine Coast on vacation, you’ll know that it gets busy. When considering a move, think about how you would feel actually living under these conditions. Can you deal with the thousands of families crowding the streets and the beaches around Christmas time?

Public Transport

In one survey posted by the Sunshine Coast Daily, over four in five people living in the Sunshine Coast hope for improved public transport. While some areas are well covered with bus routes, others are…well, lacking. If you want to travel around the Sunshine Coast, you either need to be prepared to wait, or you’ll need a vehicle.

Growing Population

It’s hard to deny the popularity of the Sunshine Coast, and the Sunshine Coast Council has predicted significant growth in population in the coming years. Growing at a rate of around 8,000 per year, they expect 346,000 people to live in the Sunshine Coast in 2021 (this same number was 303,000 back in 2016!). In 2026, the number could reach as high as 387,000.

If you move to the area, know that you won’t be alone, and the whole location could get busier and busier as time goes on.

Warm Climate

Now for perhaps the most obvious statement of the week – the Sunshine Coast is hot. While this is ideal for a vacation, you need to question whether you really want this daily.

Between December and February, the temperature doesn’t often drop below 15 degrees Celsius. Even during the ‘colder’ months, you could enjoy temperatures above 20 degrees Celsius. Before getting excited by the sun, there’s less escape from it compared to other parts of the country.

Relaxed Lifestyle

When most people think about Melbourne and Sydney, they get images of the city and the busy lifestyle. Even those in other countries picture the hustle and bustle of the city. Well, life on the Sunshine Coast is significantly more relaxed. The longer you live in the area, the more you’ll learn the getaway spots (the places that visitors and tourists don’t know). Then, every time you want to get away from the crowded beaches, you’ll find peace and serenity in these beautiful spots.

Friendly People

What about the people? As a by-product of the relaxed lifestyle, new residents of the Sunshine Coast find the locals extremely friendly and welcoming. If you put some effort into knowing your neighbours, they will reciprocate. So, find yourself a few real estate agents and interview them for the job, then make the purchase! After moving, throw a housewarming event and invite all the neighbours. Before long, you’ll have a close social circle with the people around you.


The cost of living is low, education quality is high, and the Sunshine Coast is a brilliant place to live. However, you do need to consider the poor job market, lack of transport infrastructure, and more. If you can overlook these minor issues, you’ll find a happy lifestyle on the Sunshine Coast.