Things to Consider Before Migration from Magento to WordPress

In today’s world, having your own business website is very important. Nowadays, there are various platforms to develop a website such as Magento, Joomla, Shopify and many more. But, people prefer WordPress over any other platform because  WordPress is considered to be a very useful platform as it empowers one-third of the world’s websites from blogs to large enterprises.


WordPress is an open-source platform that is empowering 35% of the web. It allows functionality to the user by adding Plugins such as Woocommerce, WP eCommerce, Easy digital download, etc. it gives a vast choice of beautiful themes and makes the website more effective.


On the contrary, Magento is also a content management system but it is very bulky to customize on the Magento platform. To develop a website on Magento, it needs a team of developers to develop and manage the website.


WordPress is an effortless platform. So, if you are gazing to migrate the platform then this is the quick-witted choice and it assures you about the eCommerce business things to look at before migrating from Magento to WordPress.


But some things need to be considered before moving from Magento to WordPress. These things must support all the categories and functions for the transfer.


Things to look at before Transferring from Magento to WordPress


Migration from Magento to WordPress is a smart task. It is an advanced platform with unique features that enhances its quality. It gives assurance to the e-commerce business. There is a checklist before moving from one platform to another moving.

Let’s get started:


1. Migrate Content from Different Languages

If your old storage offers content in different languages, then you are moving in the right direction. It is always preferred to purchase the website exclusively in their style. WordPress gives you an option of ease. If you migrate to WordPress, it takes you one step ahead of your competitors. WordPress gives you an option to migrate the content from different styles. You have to add the link WordPress Multilingual Plugin (WPML).


2. Website Backup 

Backup is always a good idea before considering the migration. It is vital to have a backup plan. WordPress does not interrupt in the current storage performance. It would not affect the data import as the services duplicate the entities for the new storage. It will create the website backup once any manipulations with the webpage are introduced.


3. Speedy Password Recovery

When you are migrating to WordPress from any other platform, it is essential to check the platform that always offers unique features and allows releasing the clients from any additional headache. But to recover a password is a difficult task. In WordPress, it provides the option of the full list of the card for checking the password where password import is supported. This point makes the difference while migrating from one platform to another. It shows the care to the customer, and it gives value to the customer.


4. SEO Ranking

It is very significant to check the digital commerce SEO checklist for the structure and architectural changes so that there would be not any disruption occurs. SEO ranking takes the website one step ahead of the competitors. But for SEO ranking, few key elements in your checklist need to be considered, such as meta tags or categories and products, search engine friendly URLs for subpages, active internal links, etc.


4. Product and User Data

It is not to forget that there is always a mass of information that does not to be moved physically. Magento generally incorporates an information relocation instrument that guides records to confirm consistency. On the contrary, WordPress makes the import and export very fast and very simple for the users. It is essential to feature on any platform. User plugins help to import and export users from the Plugin. It will follow the whole move process, run confirmation test, and makes logs to find issues and emerge you have to click on Plugin.


Wrapping Up

With the hope that the information will help you to learn about the consideration of the things from moving Magento to WordPress. With all the features that enhance the performance and provides faster processing of the data. In case you have any query feel free to ask in the comment section below.

Thank you for reading!!


Emily Johns is a Senior WordPress developer and IT consultant at WordSuccor, providing WordPress conversion services to global clients. She has dived through the open-source code for over a decade and shares everything about WordPress and new Web design technologies.