Things to Consider Before Installing a Patio

Outdoor patios have been an artistic choice for property owners planning to renovate the exterior space. Patios have been a common sight in Australia, especially in Queensland. Also, due to the accommodating climatic condition in Brisbane, patios in Brisbane are gaining desirable popularity among homeowners. Since you will not find a home without a backyard or garden in the city, patios are easy to get installed, making your outdoor spaces functional and elegantly designed. Some surveys even say that patios in the city can increase the property value by 8 to 10%. Ancient architectural Queenslander houses are iconic to Brisbane. Reports also say that they were typically sold at a significant premium to equivalent modern houses. Thus, investing in one is not just beneficial in carrying out outdoor entertainment parties but also keeps up your home’s resale value.

Making the decision

Starting with a standard question, Are patios worth it? A significant segment of real estate agents believe property improvements like adding a garden, porch or yard can boost the attractiveness factor. But when it comes to installing one, you might get exposed to a flooding range of options, making it strenuous to make internal choices. From placement preference to the surface material, there are several factors to consider. Before you land on getting a patio installed, check out this list of things to consider,

  1. Locating the placement

Unlike the common belief that patios need to go in the backyard, there is no specific convention with the placement of a pergola. However, to have this exclusive outdoor space highly functional, you might have to consider a few aspects before deciding where the patio square will go. Primely, you have two choices- front and rear patio. Rear patios are the best to go for if you are looking for a private party area.

Also, locating such pergolas far from the building lets you enjoy a better view. On the flip side, patios that include dining or a minimal kitchen must get installed near the house for convenience. If you want to create an attractive outlook, installing a pergola on the front is a better idea.

  1. A roofed patio?

Though patios are often courtyards designed without a roof and have no walls around them, you can always have shelters to meet your convenience. Especially when you consider factors like sun and shade, the placement of the patio can vary. However, patios in Brisbane usually have roofs installed to stay away from the scorching summer from December to January- for average temperatures ranging from 21 – 29.8°C. Also, if you have expensive furniture within your patio, peeling off or wearing out their paint can turn tricky during summers. So, you can also think of adding a roof to your patio to make it look artistic and functional.

  1. Size and other amenities

When it comes to having a patio installed, make sure you have enough outdoor space, weeds removed, if any. Next, ensure the floor plan matches the actual amount of space you have got. A cramped patio will look nothing good. However, if you have enormous space, consider adding amenities like a spa, barbeque set or a hot tub. This will ensure your huge patio does not feel empty.

  1. Surface material

Choosing the surface material usually lies within factors like budget, durability and personal artistic preferences. However, you must consider the location of your patio before deciding what surface material they must get made out of. If you wish to have your pergola installed near a pool, consider options like gravel and concrete. They will not allow water to stagnate, creating a slippery spot.

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