Things to Consider Before Buying a Leather Jacket

 A leather jacket is a fashion statement and in some cases a status symbol. A leather jacket is an investment, a long-term investment so it should be chosen carefully. Leather Jackets differs in terms of price, quality, color, accessories, style, and leather used.

 It’s up to the buyer’s choice and styling sense that what kind of leather jacket does he want to make in investment in. Premium and optimum quality leather jackets tend to be a bit expensive than synthetic leather jackets, as real leather is consistent. 

Sparks up your look and appearance with exquisite style, color, and design. With some head-turning qualities, leather jackets always make fashion followers go crazy! In this article, we provide a complete guide on considering few points before buying a leather jacket.


Style is a way that defines your personality. Various styles are available in leather jackets that uniquely cater to the fashion need. A notch-lapel collar style is found in a biker leather jacket, which consists of four metal studs on the collar. A notch is usually a pointed collar with snaps. And the biker fastened it while riding a bike. The V-shaped style collar jacket gives your outfit a formal look.It’s an ideal fit perfectly for an office environment. The lapel has a straight and curved style that highlights the collar. 


Accessories and embellishments are the main factors that give a unique and stylish look to the jacket. Zippers, buttons, studs, motifs, eyelets, and patches adorned on a leather jacket define the quality of a leather jacket.  Various assortments of studs are available, which a buyer can customize according to his/her fashion requirements.

Some amazing found studs on leather jackets are black spikes, gold spikes, silver spikes, bronze spikes, gold shark fin spikes, and skull spikes. On the other hand, the zipper that is of high-quality is the YKK zipper which runs smoothly over the jacket. All these accessories look impeccable and sumptuous from every aspect. 

 Inner lining material

 Silk lining

Silk is the most luxurious, fantastic lining material, which increases the beauty of jacket. Silk gives an impressive and delightful kind of feeling, which is smooth and glossy to the touch. Silk is the best option for your leather coats and jackets, which are stitched from natural fibers. It reliable, maintains, and has extremely smooth and buttery finishing. 

 Viscose lining

Viscose is the most comfortable and soft. The price of viscose Linings is high due to its reliability and long-term maintainability. Viscose lining is supple and soft to the touch. And, is considered as the epitome of comfort.

Cotton lining

Cotton is light-weight, comfortable, soft, and inexpensive. Cotton lining is an ideal choice for jacket because of its light-weight material. Cotton is warmer and skin- friendly which gives you a comfortable feeling every time you wear it. 

Shearling lining

A shearling lining is skin-friendly, soft, supple, and light-weight, which gives a cozy vibe to the wearer. It’s impeccably crafted from lambskin or sheepskin; thus, a delicacy and suppleness can be taken for guaranty. It provides extra warmth, comfort to the wearer due to its top-notch quality. 

Leather jacket quality and types

  PU leather

PU leather is synthetic leather, which is manufactured from polyester or rayon material. PU leather is artificial leather that does not involve animal hide.It’s is far cheaper than real leather. The main advantage of PU leather is that it is easy to maintain, recycle and clean, which increases its durabilityand reliability factor. 

  Real leather

A real leather jacket is a premium, high-quality and pure leather, which is crafted from various types of animal hide. It totally depends upon the buyer’s choice, which one of leather type he finds most comfortable and appropriate. Cowhide, lambskin, calfskin, and goat hide are the ones that have genuine quality.

Leather jacket types 

Ostentatious Biker leather jackets

Biker leather jackets are an opulent fashion statement jackets that is mostly preferred by bikers due to their high quality and flexibility. It’s comfortable, light-weight, and safe, and one can wear it while riding a bike. Crafted with the fine blend of real leather and soft inner viscose. 

Fashion statement- Bomber leather jackets 

Bomber leather jackets are the trending and top-rated jacket, which are best suited for casual and special occasions. It increases the elegance and boldness of the jacket with top-notch quality stitching quality. And you can wear it for casual, semi-casual events.

Adventurous- Café racer leather jackets 

Explore adventures and perform amazing thrills on your sports bike by wearing your exquisite café racer leather jacket.It is the best fit for all motor enthusiasts out there! Get yourself a café racer jacket and head towards for a long-drives on highways, bicycle racing, college racing rally with your buddies in full joy.