Things That You Must Know About Pco Car Hire

The pco is a term that you have been hearing lengthily if you are searching for an amazing and flexible way in order to earn an income with an uber or other driving apps which are on demand. But you really need to know that how you could get commenced?

The pco stands for public carriage office that is a department of vehicle or transport for London. The PCO Car Rental license is a vital document that permits you to drive for an uber or other rideshare apps in London and if we talk about its official name then we would get to know that it’s name is private hire driver license but there are many people who just basically call it a pco license. These vehicles are four-doors vehicles or transports and minivans as well that would meet all the needs and requirements for the personal transport and have a valid private hire transport license. All the rideshare drivers in London would need to have a valid pco license irrespective of the ridesharing platform.

Who Could Apply For The License of PCO Transport?

Those people who have a valid Uk driver’s license with at least three years of driving experience and the suitable and right in order to work in the Uk could apply for a pco license. Everyone also aspires to have other documents as well in order to apply but you could also get these in comparatively a short time.

If you want to know about the license of the PCO Car Rental then you need to know that it is a plastic card the size of a basic credit card and adds its serial number and expiry date as well as your majo9r personal information and also your picture as well. Your pco vehicle license needs to be valid for at least three years. Your vehicle or transport also supposed to meet the following criteria such as your vehicle must have euro 6 petrol or diesel engine. It must also have four independently opening doors so that everyone could come in and out easily. Your vehicle also needs to be in a great condition with no cosmetic peril or loss. The last important thing is that your transport must not be commercially branded. You are not needed to be the proprietor of the vehicle you use for the pco driving.

Keep Your Vehicle Inside The Parameters:

You must need to keep your transport or vehicle inside the parameters and the paperwork up to date is much of admin work and it also requires a lot of attention and time that you would surely give more than focusing on what you do best driving. The pco vehicle is an utter solution that provides you the peace of mind that you and your vehicle are all ready to work. There are many people who think that drivers use their personal vehicles on demand and other rideshare apps, whereas this is surely possible that various drivers rent their personal vehicles or transports.

Few Ways to Get Pco License:

You need to be 21 years of age if you wish to get pco license and you also need to have a full license of driving at least three years old. The most important thing is that you must have the right to live and work in Uk so that there would not be any problem later. You are also supposed to knows the ways so that you could take your customers everywhere according to their need. For more details, you can easily visit Pace-Hire sand could have more important details that would help you later.