Things that ensures the safety of your smartphone

Today, it is impossible to survive in the world without a smartphone. It must not be exactly new or the last high-end launched model, but it is definitely necessary that it runs smoothly, without applications crashing, and a battery you can not rely on.

In order to avoid damages (whether it be on the outside or inside your smartphone), it is very important to keep the protection of your device up to date. We are all prone to let it slip while doing some multitasking daily duties, so here is a list of items and habits easy to apply to keep your smartphone safe and running.

1 – Phone cases

Probably the first thing we think about when we buy a new smartphone is to update our case collection. After all, phone cases have more functions than just protecting the exterior of the smartphone: it also helps you to showcase your personality through it.

We are all susceptible to letting our smartphones slip from our hands, and a little crack may cause internal damages that we can not always see in plain sight. Luckily, there is a wide range of phone cases, including anti-shock double-protected ones that are clumsy-proof.

2 – Screen protector

The companies of smartphones are always improving damage-proof technology, such as the Gorilla Glass, working in waterproof devices, and even other innovations. However, that is not a reason why you should not get a screen protector.

Some models of smartphones have the screen glass directly connected to the internal chipset, especially the video card, so one small crack in the display may cause huge damage to your device.

Screen protectors made of glass give your phone an extra level of safety. Despite some popular belief, it does not affect the touching response, especially in the newest smartphone models.

3 – Anti-virus and anti-spyware software

It is not only the outside of our phones that we must take care of. Our data is more valuable day by day, so we must take some actions to protect ourselves, such as turning off location sharing, maps, and Bluetooth while not using it.

Not only that, we must be careful about what we download on our phones. Always download applications from trusted stores, such as Google Play or App Store, and when installing new apps, pay attention to the permissions asked.

Since we already know the importance of having updated anti-virus and anti-spyware on our computers, the same applies to smartphones.

Some companies say it is not necessary, as the devices already have a security software integrated, that prevents virus and malware from invading and slowing down the phone.

However, it is wiser to read the phone’s handbook or ask for technical assistance if that is the case for your model.

4 – Inexperienced repairs

There are tutorials for everything on the internet, including jailbreaking and rooting your smartphone. Sometimes we are keen to try these solutions when we feel that our phone is shutting down. However, we must say: this is never a good decision to make.

In case your phone is slow or overheating, do not try to solve it on your own. If you feel like it is the case only a reboot will solve the problems, follow the handbook or the restoration option your smartphone offers. Last but not least, if you have insurance, do not hesitate to seek technical assistance. If you feel like it is time to change your phone, nowadays, companies are working with great discount policies to encourage the sales of newer models. Sometimes the transference of your data can be made inside the store itself.


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