These Smells In Your Car Are Warning That Something is Wrong

Do you get a certain smell when you enter your car apart from the air freshener? If your vehicle smells bad, it could mean something is wrong. You ought to learn how to identify smells in your car and what they mean. This is the only approach to fixing the odor issue and knowing when there is an underlying problem. The following are smells, what they mean and how to fix them.

A Musty or Sour Smell from the AC

A musty or sour smell from the AC could mean a lot of dirt and bacteria have accumulated in the air filters. You may experience health issues if there is mold buildup in the unit. Therefore, if a moldy smell comes from the AC, it is best to have it looked at. Bring the car for AC service to keep out bad odors and allergies. Fixing the issue will also help curb other problems. Be sure to check out Natrad if you would like to know more about car air conditioning repair in Melbourne.

Rotten Eggs

A rotten egg smell could mean your fuel system is malfunctioning if you did not forget an egg in your car after lunch last week. The sulfur gas leaks inside your vehicle if the fuel filters or pressure sensor are damaged, hence the bad odor. Apart from being unpleasant, such smells can cause issues if not looked into. Therefore, repair the fuel system by replacing the transmission fluid or the damaged filters.

Burning Rubber

In most cases, people associate burning rubber with tires. The smell mostly comes from the engine bay because of worn-out hoses and belts. When the straps on the engine are too tight, they can cause a burning rubber smell. Therefore, if you think the odor is coming from the engine part, ensure the vehicle is checked and fixed.

Burning Paper

It is easy to remember the smell of burning paper inside the car. If you smell this, it could mean the origin is the clutch. In most cases, it does not mean there is an underlying issue. It happens when the clutch slips and overheats during riding. If you want to prevent this smell, avoid overusing the clutch. Instead, keep your feet away when not using the clutch.

Exhaust Fumes

If there is an exhaust fume smell in the car, it might indicate that the exhaust system is leaking or your window seals are broken. The scent can be deadly, and the fumes can cause health issues. Therefore, if you smell exhaust fumes when driving in the car with the windows closed, get it to a workshop to have it checked and the issue fixed.

Burning Plastic

You can also not miss the smell of burning plastic and if it happens in your car, take the car for a checkup. Sometimes dirt from the road can accumulate beneath the vehicle, and it can cause a smell when it overheats. Another issue could be the wiring. Check the battery and electrical parts to confirm the plastic casings are not melting.


You should watch out for these common smells in your car and what they mean. Keeping your vehicle in good condition and ensuring frequent maintenance will make it easy to avoid such issues and keep your car smelling good.


Sudarsan Chakraborty is a professional writer. He contributes to many high-quality blogs. He loves to write on various topics.