These financial trends are important in 2021

You can hardly believe your eyes: 2021 will be a good stock market year? 2020 was a bad stock market year thanks to Corona. The new vaccines give reason for optimism. And also the belief of many: new year, new luck. And so it is with the stock market. An overview of the top trends that await us this year. Bitcoin is making a comeback, demand has risen rapidly. Giants like PayPal or Grayscale have bought a lot and it seems that Bitcoins will establish themselves as an online means of payment. So strike before the prices rise. China dominates the stock market like never before. Now that the country has come to grips with the crisis, many countries are lagging behind. In 2021, therefore, further growth of 8 percent is expected, according to the International Monetary Fund. Asian emerging markets are also in for a good year. The RCEP free trade agreement should only contribute to positive development.


As vaccination has begun, there is reason for hope. Normal life will return bit by bit and many companies will resume regular operations. As a result, the economy and not least the stock market will experience a considerable upswing. This is still a long time coming, but we have only just begun to inoculate ourselves and it is only the beginning of the year. There is no question that the expected upswing will occur in the middle to end of 2021. The stock market is still subject to fluctuations due to the pandemic, but not significant ones. Some industries like the casino and betting industry are shifting online. Read this Borgata Review to be up to date.

Therefore, there will not be a crash in 2021 either. After the downward trend of the last few years, the tide could turn in 2021 and the US dollar could once again become a strong currency, like the euro. The pandemic will crank up the money printing again and confidence in the currency will dwindle. This could argue for an increase in the value of commodities. According to experts, the price of gold in particular should rise. According to, the other precious metals will remain stable at best with the prospect of a slight increase.

While we largely do without luxuries during the lockdown, light or tight, it is not only Germans who save for the great freedom afterwards. Restaurant visits, holidays, theatre, cinema – the entire culture and tourism industry will flourish and soar to heights never before imagined. Air travel is also likely to take off then. These were just a few of the important stock market trends for 2021. Overall, the market remains exciting and much depends on the development of vaccination rates in various countries. It therefore remains to be seen how quickly the trends will develop. Overall, however, everything points to a better stock market year and investors may see the light at the end of the tunnel again.


Of course, the technology giant has been able to celebrate great successes in recent years. As a visionary car manufacturer, Tesla has long since established itself alongside other big names and boasts an enterprise value of a whopping 683 billion euros. Elon Musk, technology visionary and the real-life Tony Stark, not only has cars up his sleeve, but is also developing a whole range of technologies that will sooner or later end up in mass production. But the competition is not asleep either and will be reluctant to be left behind by the tech giant. It remains to be seen whether or when its innovations will become suitable for mass production. The development of the Tesla share will be measured by this.


Hydrogen is clearly the future among renewable energies and our way out of the climate crisis. Many car manufacturers are already researching hydrogen engines and it is only a matter of time before the engines become suitable for mass production. But the boom is not likely to be long in coming: US President Joe Biden has already passed a climate package worth billions. This will significantly boost the production of renewable fuels.

Facebook, Netflix, Amazon and Google?

The market monopolists have raked in profits like never before in recent years, guaranteeing investors safe returns. However, Facebook and Google are facing some lawsuits in US courts, including for cartelisation. With the biggest companies, it is not surprising if sooner or later the state regulates. The last few years with them have been too good for it to go on forever. 


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