These Are the Best Ways to Show Employee Appreciation

Your employees are the people who make your operation tick. Odds are, you’ve chosen them for good reason and they do a lot to make your business succeed. You owe them a lot, and it’s important that you express your gratitude in different ways. 

We’re going to discuss some employee appreciation methods for you to explore today, giving you some brainfood to munch on and potentially make your staff a little happier. 

Let’s get started.

Ideas to Show Your Employee Appreciation

The first and most basic way to show your employees that you care about the work they do is to pay them more for it! Naturally, this isn’t always an option for a business, especially one that’s just starting or is generally small in nature. 

That said, don’t hold out on your employees if you feel that their contributions are actually doing a lot more than they’re being paid for. This is true even for people whose positions aren’t necessarily too valuable on paper. 

We find that employees at small businesses start to contribute in more ways than the job description can meet. So, if you’re able to pay your employees even a little bit more, why not go ahead and do it?

Remind Them That You Appreciate What They Do

Another basic form of employee appreciation is to have very real human discussions about what they offer your company and why you appreciate it. 

It’s easy to turn the workplace into a series of ones and zeros and eliminate the human contact that makes things tick. If you truly care about your employees and what they do for your business, don’t be shy about it. 

Remind the people in your workplace that they’re valuable and that the work they’re doing means something to you. You can have  Crystal Sensation’s custom 3d to this for you, so your employees will know how much they mean to you. It’s truly easy to forget that fact when you’re punching in day-in and day-out. 

Use an Employee Rewards Platform

Depending on the nature of your business, you might be able to utilize a platform that takes their performance and rewards them for it on a strict basis. 

For example, a certain amount of sales could lead to a particular benefit package. This is a great way to incentivize people and also show them that you value the work they’re doing enough to reward them for more than they’re being paid. 

Take a look at to see if it’s an employee rewards platform that you’d be interested in using. 

Offer Extra-curricular Activities

It sounds like a school field trip, but it’s actually a lot more. 

Workplaces become more meaningful when employees get together and make connections outside of work. If you’re having a particularly successful period, you might even think about taking your employees out on a small trip and staying in a hotel somewhere. 

You could just schedule an after-work party or some kind of even that allows you to let loose a little bit and express your appreciation for your employees. 

Allow Them to Give Back

Charitable giving is a great way to show your employees that you care about what they’re doing and you also care about their values. 

Giving back to the community with your business is an excellent way to make a change. It’s also a great way to offer appreciation to your employees. Ask around the office and see what kind of local charities your staff would like to support. 

There are a lot of ways that you can incorporate giving into your business process. What matters is that you’re not making unilateral decisions about where to donate. 

Give your staff the option to donate a particular amount or certain percentage to a charity in your community. 

Keep Them Safe

In the current state of the world, one way to make sure that you’re showing appreciation is to respect the safety wishes of your staff. 

For example, accommodating an employee who lives with an immunocompromised family member shows that you actually care about them and they aren’t just a number in your spreadsheet. 

Another piece of this puzzle is respecting various COVID-prevention guidelines and making an effort to keep your business environment clean. When you’re working in a place that has a lot of customers, make sure that you’re firm on your mask policy in the building.

If it’s a matter of interest for you and your staff, it shows a lot of respect to be the one to tell customers to fix their mask or not to come in until they have one. It just shows that you care about the health and safety of your employees, and they’ll notice that. 

Even if you’re an employer to someone who doesn’t share the same values as you do, they’ll recognize that you’re taking a firm stance for their safety and take it as a compliment. 

Notice How Appreciation Impacts Workflow

As you start to take more measures to let your employees know that you appreciate their contributions, you’ll find that the workplace gets a little more streamlined and effective

Employees don’t want to work in a place where they’re not sure if they matter. When your contributions matter, you want to come to work every day and you want to do a great job. 

This is especially true if you have personal connections with your coworkers and you’re aware that your contribution is appreciated. If you start to recognize how your small employee appreciation efforts make a difference, you might start to add more and more effort to your process. 

At the end of the day, showing your appreciation is a matter of respect and recognizing the other person’s dignity. It doesn’t hurt that those happy employees also wind up doing more and better work. 

Want More Business Ideas?

Showing employee appreciation is just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to a healthy and happy workplace. We’re here to help you explore other ideas on how to make things run a little more smoothly. 

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