These 6 mistakes can cost you heavily while printing Indoor Labels

Printing of indoor labels requires some specific attention in order to make them perfect. These are the ways to grab the attention of customers quickly by giving them quick information about your product. It is why you have to make sure that in their printing, do not make certain and obvious mistakes if you want to appeal to your customers from them. Below are some of the most common mistakes that you need to avoid during their printings.


Wrong Utilization of Colors:

Colors play a very crucial role in branding, printing, and design options. Without their perfect utilization, you cannot define the main feature of the product on which you are pasting your Indoor Vinyl Labels. Every color has a unique meaning and a story to tell. For instance, if you are utilizing your label on a cosmetic product and it is not printed with elegant and engaging colors, how will it attract your customer base? You have to consider the nature and specification of your product to choose color schemes for it. You also need to go through the psychology of colors in order to understand the nature and theme of every color. Most importantly, do not avoid using the CMYK color scheme as it enables you to become more comprehensive.

Readability Issues:

A custom indoor label is usually utilized for the rapid telling of information. It is why it is necessary that the information that you print on your labels is readable enough to engage with your customers. Usually, in this factor of readability, there are two mistakes that are very common. One is that the manufacturer utilizes bold fonts for small details. It will make the details become a little messy and mixed with each other that can become the reason for negative impression from the audience. The other mistake is the carelessness of writing out information like grammar and spelling mistakes. It will only tell your customers that you are a careless manufacturer and they doubt the quality of your product as well. So make sure that you are not making any of these mistakes to decrease the factor of readability and attraction from your labels.


Missing of Bleed:

During custom label printing, it is necessary that you need to put attention to even very small details. As most of the time, manufacturers do not think carefully about the factor of bleed. Accuracy is the most defining need of any label or thing on which you are printing. The reason why it is necessary is that the size of these stickers is very small, and they contain very less information. Even the slightest change or wrong alignment can lead you to get a bad impression of your label. The other thing is that manufacturers utilize a border for defining the edges of stickers. But if you have any kind of the wrong alignment, it will become prominent due to that border. So in this, try to avoid utilizing the border because it can make the possibility of occurrence of this error.

Too many Changes and Information:

Keeping the design aesthetic and engaging for the customer is the necessary option that you need to adapt during the getting of printed indoor labels. What is the point of printing small stickers and labels when you are printing huge product information and details on it that should be on a poster? So make sure that you are going with minimum printing of information. These stickers are to give an instant idea of your product to the customer. So make sure that you are not changing it from time to time whenever any update comes in your item. It will eradicate the factor of consistency from your product, and it cannot hold the interest of customers.

Custom Labels Printing

Blurry Images:

There could be two mistakes that can give you a blurry image on the surface of your label. One is that there can be a printing error, and the other can be the error in the image file. In printing, this error can be occurring due to the faulty plates in the printer. In the image, this error can be because of not utilizing the high-resolution format of the photo. For instance, if you are using a picture that contains very low pixels or not in the perfect format like any other from PNG, JPEG, and TIFF, it can badly affect the quality of the printed image.

Wrong Selection of Adhesive:

In your search for strong adhesives for your labels, you will get to see three different categories. Permanent, removable, and repositionable are those three categories. If you think that you will need your label for a short time, you can go with the option of removable. Permanent is the one which can withstand a lot of bad conditions like weather, scratches or dust. But if you want to remove it, there will be some rip off paper materials that will stick to the surface on which you have applied it. Most of the people utilize them thinking of their strong nature, but after its need is over, it will come out as a bad impact. In this case, the best option to which you can go is repositionable.


These are those common mistakes that you often see during the printing of indoor labels. If you want them to give out a strong impression to your audience about your product, make sure you avoid all of them. This overcoming of mistakes will lead you to be more professional about representing your labels or stickers.