Thermal Insulation Coating Misconceptions

Thermal Insulation Coating is foremost because it is a great infusion to lessen energy consumption by fending off heat gain or loss. After reduction of the undesired temperature decreases the energy demand of heating & cooling. 

So you can see the importance of such coatings when the sunlight emits to the buildings and the steam pipes, the thermal insulating coating can resist the heat transfer, of course, Uttered by Stuart Burchill, CEO, and CTO of Syneffex Inc. 

Our thermal insulation coating came to the market in 2004, they interrupted how to insulate. Thermal insulation has enough benefits like corrosion prevention, UV and mold resistance, energy efficiency, safe touch, and condensation control, etc. but this imperative technology has so many misconceptions that you will get ahead. Before that get to know the benefits of this tech. 

Benefits Of Thermal Insulation Coating 

Energy Efficiency: you can get the advantage of applying a thin layer of thermal insulation coating, on conductive surfaces. The coating reduces the heat loss, you know 50% of the temperature reduces after applying a very thin layer of thermal coating. 

UV RAYS: you can prevent yourself from UV rays after using the thermal coating. 

Easy To Coat: it is easy to cover hard substances like pipes and conductive surface, product flexibility is good enough. 

Mold Resistance: the thermal insulation coating safes substances from the algae and bacterial stuff. 

Condensation Control: it also controls the temperature of the substance that is below the dew point. It has a particle that changes the temperature, coating keeping the surface temperature where water condensed. 

Misconceptions Of Thermal Insulation Coating 

  • Insulation Coating Is Not For A Long Time 

When you use fiberglass, mineral wool, and other primeval insulation technologies, you can’t get the best deal. But when you use Syneffex thermal insulation coating it will give a long span. 

Thermal insulation coating maintains insulating performance up to 5-20 years that is enough to resist dust, dirt, mold, and other contaminants. The coating is extremely moisture impervious. You don’t need to take stress after using this tech. 

As stated by Stuart Burchill thermal insulation coating tested in British Petroleum Test Standard, this experiment duration is for 100 days, the coating needs to be under artificial seawater consequently, the coating didn’t wince, while it was underwater.  

  • Insulation Coating Is Extremely Difficult To Apply 

People who don’t know about Thermal insulation coating believe that the coating is so hard to apply, but this is not true.  They compare this to other technologies like fiberglass, cladding, etc. people who know about insulation coating know this is a long span product. 

Thermal insulation coating doesn’t need any external coating. For example: if you cover the steam pipe, it is easy to apply the coating, you don’t need external substances like aluminum sheeting to prevent it. Syneffex coating doesn’t need any extra equipment, they need only standard paint and texture sprayer. 

According to Stuart Burchill, the coating can be applied when the equipment is working and the surface temperature needs to be 400F. 

  • Insulation Coating Needs To Be Thick & Have An R-value 

The main reason to use thermal insulation coating is to reduce the heat transfer by decreasing the temperature,  consequently, it saves energy efficiency. The technology can reduce the heat with a thin coating layer, and doesn’t need a thick layer. 

Reduction of heat is responsible to save people by overheating pipes and other equipment. The insulation coating is perfect for both summer and winter. It reduces the heat while summer and increases the heat during winter. 

The thermal coating does not have an R-value because this technique is for fibrous insulation equipment and can’t measure the thermal insulation coating. Syneffex insulation thin coating checked by many laboratories, subsequently, the heat reduced by 34.8%.