There Is Power in Words: Here’s Why Kids Need More Math Word Problems :

What’s the point of math word problems? Isn’t math supposed to be all about the numbers? There’s power in words. Here’s why kids need more math word problems

Okay, so you don’t usually see someone buying 142 watermelons at the grocery store, but word problems are still an important part of mathematics.


They teach students a lot of important skills they don’t learn from basic equations. In fact, students should be getting more word problems than they already have.




We’ve put together this guide to help you learn why kids need more math word problems in school. So let’s get started!


Teaches Them How to Use Math in the Real World


When students are looking at basic math equations on a piece of paper, it can be hard for them to understand how to use it in the real world.


Word problems teach students how to apply math in real-world scenarios. It takes math out of the classroom and shows them how they can use it to answer every-day questions they might have.


Word problems also help students think about real-world problems with more creativity and logic. It equips children to reach goals in their lives they might not have been able to reach otherwise.


Encourages Critical Thinking


Solving equations on paper doesn’t require as much problem solving as word problems.


When a student sees the equation, they know what rules they have to follow already. When a student reads a word problem, they have to figure out what type of equation fits the issue and how to solve it.


This encourages critical thinking.


Many word problems require multiple math skills. And on top of that, word problems also involve critical analysis of the situation and refreshes their memory on older skills.


Provides a Challenge


Word problems aren’t easy.


Since the equation isn’t laid out for you, the student has to have a deep understanding of the required skills. They have to use logical and creative thinking at the same time.


Many students might have to solve word problems in math several times before they get the right answer. This challenges students. which improves their understanding and skill.


Peaks Their Interest


Many students don’t enjoy math because it comes across as boring. Doing the same problems over and over again can lead to a lack of interest.


Word problems give students a more interactive way to understand the skills, formulas, etc. When they’re more interested in math, students are more likely to try harder and learn better.


Provides Different Teaching Methods


There are seven different learning styles. In other words, not everyone learns the same way.


While one student might learn better with traditional math problems, they might confuse another student. Word problems often make math easier for visual learners. Since they can visualize the situation, they can understand the required skills better.


Word problems also give children more than one way to understand the same problem. Memorizing formulas on paper will only get students so far.


Understanding Why Math Word Problems Are Important


Skipping over word problems stunts a child’s understanding and application of necessary math skills. Math word problems aren’t just another equation. They teach students how to use math in the real world.


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